The Best of Xbox Game Pass for PC – May 2021

The chilly mornings and short evenings are a pretty big clue that winter is on the way! Is there any better way to enjoy those long winter nights than in front of a 27″, 144hz gaming monitor – blowing limbs off mutant dinosaurs or creating intricate bridges for strange little 2D men to drive over? Nah, I didn’t think so! Check out my choices for the best of Xbox Game Pass for PC – May 2021!


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The Best of Xbox Game Pass for PC – May 2021

Bridge Constructor Portal

I like bridge constructor games, and I like portal games, so this seemed like a pretty good fit for me! And it doesn’t disappoint. Bucket-loads of quirky humour are delivered right from the beginning, when you have to pass a test to gain a job at the Aperture Science Enrichment Centre test lab.

The job is pretty simple – build bridges, ramps and slides to get the vehicles (and their slightly odd passengers known as “Bendies”) safely to the finish line. As each level passes, the difficulty ramps up and the range of tools available to complete the job expands. Oh, and the ways for the Bendies to die become more and more… creative.

There are certainly some brain-bending puzzles to enjoy!

Human Fall Flat


For some reason, the weird, quirky games have caught my attention this month! Human Fall Flat certainly falls into this category. Play as a wobbly Human hero to clumsily work your way through a series of puzzling environments. There is little in the way of instruction – just the basic controls and then the rest is up to you!

I love that there are multiple solutions to puzzles, with creativity and ingenuity the key to success! I don ‘t so much love the sick feeling that gently creeps into my throat as my character wobbles me steadily towards motion-sickness. But maybe that’s just me (I am particularly susceptible).

I haven’t yet braved the world of online multiplayer (still waiting for the stomach churning to subside), but I’m almost certain that it is going to be an absolute blast. Maybe I need to line up a few friends (up to eight) for a dad’s night in and see what mayhem ensues! My guess is that it will be equal parts ridiculous and hilarious.


Second Extinction (Preview)

The Best of Xbox Game Pass for PC - May 2021 -2

One of the great things about Xbox Game Pass is that it occasionally provides opportunities to test out games prior to their full release. This comes with the usual caveats about crashes and issues, but it also gives interested people the chance to get an unpolished insight into what is about to come.

Second Extinction gives you the chance to do that one thing you have always dreamt about – shoot down wave after wave of mutated dinosaurs! Naturally, in a game where that is the premise, the developers have gone all-out and cranked the gore to 11. So only play if you can stomach the site of dismembered, bloody dino-corpses and random limbs scattered around the environment. Definitely DO NOT play Second Extinction directly after Human Fall Flat… Like I did. I already had a compromised gut and now I need to go and have a proper lie down.


Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator was the game that first introduced me to the wonders of Xbox Game Pass for PC, yet it has fallen out of my game rotation for the past few months. This is mainly due to two reasons: Firstly, there has been a vast wealth of other games to explore on Xbox Game Pass for PC. Secondly, Flight Simulator lacked a little bit of polish when it came to the finer details.

But now is a great time to revisit this epic simulator, because the team at Asobo Studio have been working tirelessly to improve the experience. The latest free World Update has recently been released, which adds great detail to France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. This follows earlier updates to the UK and Ireland, and Japan.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is different to absolutely everything else out there. And despite the fact that it isn’t actually a game, this masterpiece in simulation is well worth taking a look at.


Forza Motorsport 7

You knew a Blog of Dad game roundup was going to include a Forza Game! But interestingly, it is Forza Motorsport 7 that has pipped Horizon 4 for the place on my list this month. This is mainly thanks to the excellent Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel, which has added another incredible dimension to my driving experience.


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The awesome Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel


The way I see it, I’m just about due a mid-life crisis. In the past, blokes like me would have gone out and bought a shiny red sports car so that they could let everyone know that they weren’t coping with the relentless transition from youthful go-getter to jaded old man! But not me! My go-fast itch is well-and-truly being scratched by the excellent simulation on offer through my Forza Motorsport 7/Logitech G920 setup. Best of all, I don’t even have to settle for just one shiny new car! I now have access to literally hundreds of ridiculously fast machines! And when I inevitably crash them all, my wife won’t even be mad because I haven’t actually wrapped our life-savings around a telegraph pole. Win-win!


FIFA 2021

It was an exciting day when Microsoft announced that they were bringing EA to the Game Pass party! EA have been a favourite publisher of mine since I discovered Madden and NHL on the SEGA MegaDrive in the mid 90s.

FIFA is another long-running series from the EA Sports team and it is an absolute cracker. I have enjoyed many entertaining matches with friends over the years (and one-or-two beers), so I was thrilled to see FIFA 21 pop up in the Recently Added list. This game has been near perfect since FIFA 99 (in my book), yet, paradoxically, EA find ways to make it even better each year. I’m not even the world’s biggest soccer fan, but give me the latest FIFA game and an Xbox controller and I’ll be at it for hours.


Test Setup

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