The Best of Xbox Game Pass for PC – June 2021 (E3 Edition)

God save the Queen! At least, God save her public holiday that coincided with the 3am (Sydney time) Microsoft/Bethesda E3 showcase. There was something for just about everyone, and yet more reasons to be thrilled to be an Xbox Game Pass subscriber!

So, what do you do when you’ve just watched a whole lot of pump-up footage about games you can’t actually play yet? Prime yourself by playing the older versions, of course!

My Best of Xbox Game Pass for PC – June 2021 is dedicated to the games you can play right now, to prepare yourself for those just around the corner… with one cracking new release thrown in for good measure! read about the old, while checking out the trailers for the brand new!

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Best of Xbox Game Pass for PC – June 2021

Forza Horizon 4

The Forza Horizon series has built a dedicated fanbase over the years and they have been salivating for months at the thought of the fifth instalment. With the rumour mill working in overdrive, it is nice to finally have the location (Mexico) locked in and, if the trailer footage is anything to go by, it will be absolutely stunning!

Why not hone those drifting skills in the UK, so that you can hit the ground running when you land in Mexico? Forza Horizon 4 has been my absolute favourite game over the past six months, and I’ll definitely be getting a few more good hours out of it. Paired with the Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel and my new PRISM+ XQ340 PRO 34″ UWQHD monitor, it’s an absolute blast!

Halo Master Chief Collection

Halo is another Microsoft series with a loyal fanbase, and for good reason. We have been waiting a little longer than anticipated for the next instalment, Halo Infinite, but the wait is almost over! You definitely don’t want to go into combat unprepared, so now is a great time to play through the older storylines and refresh your memory, or to sharpen your skills in the multiplayer arena.

Age of Empires

This mouth-watering trailer for Age of Empires 4 was enough to make me want to return to the roots and enjoy the original Age of Empires one more time. It was such a brilliant game when first released (many, many years ago) and it has stood up to the test of time remarkably well. Thoroughly enjoyable real-time strategy action!

Battlefield V Year 2 Edition

That trailer for Battlefield 2042 is intense! No series has ever quite captured the chaos of the battlefield like EA’s Battlefield series. While you eagerly wait for all-out futuristic warfare, why not take a trip back to WWII? Battlefield V drops you right on the front line. If you can survive that… you might just be ready to take on Battlefield 2042!

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Us PC gamers have enjoyed over six months of Microsoft Flight Simulator, while those with Xbox consoles have had to patiently wait. I recently returned to Microsoft Flight Simulator to enjoy the regularly updated scenery in key parts of the globe, and to experience the glory of UWQHD graphics and Quantum Dot Technology on the 34″ PRISM+ UQ340 PRO. While all that Microsoft Flight Simulator already has to offer is truly impressive, it was the short clip tacked on to the end of the E3 Xbox launch trailer that got me particularly excited – a free Top Gun expansion!

That right! The majesty of Microsoft Flight Simulator combined with the adrenaline of Top Gun! What’s not to love? Time to sharpen my barrel roll skills in a 747-8 Intercontinental in preparation…

Knockout City

This is one you won’t have to wait for… Knockout City landed on Xbox Game Pass earlier this month and it is an absolute blast!

Best enjoyed with two of your best mates, but also thoroughly enjoyable with random internet strangers, Knockout City is good, original fun!

I didn’t quite know what to expect when I downloaded Knockout City, but that’s the beauty of Xbox Game Pass! This game might never have even registered on my radar, had it not been part of the all-included goodness.

The fast-paced action has a small, but manageable learning curve, with simple controls allowing easy access, but subtle techniques to learn in order to experience regular success.

I got strong Jet Set Radio vibes when I first loaded Knockout Radio, even though they are very different games. It also brought back a distant memory of Deathrow on the original Xbox, although again it is a very different game. You might just have to play Knockout City yourself, to find out what it is all about!

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