The Best of Xbox Game Pass for PC – August 2021

Regular readers of this blog will have noticed that this roundup is appearing a little later in the month than usual. There is a good reason for this (I’m not just being lazy, I promise!), in fact, there are several good reasons…

This month had some cracking games land, and most of them in the past few days! It’s fair to say that a large chunk of September lockdowns will be spent working through this lot! There are some great blasts from the past and some new-comers that are sure to rattle a few cages. Oh, and a train simulator! Welcome to The Best of Xbox Game Pass for PC – August 2021!

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The incredible classic, Myst, has been rebuilt from the ground up by Cyan Worlds and the result is stunning! Myst Island looks spectacular with all new art, yet still feels familiar to those who enjoyed the original.

The power of AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is on full display in this impressive world and it certainly helps in creating an immersive experience. Meanwhile, the puzzles are just as puzzling as ever! I’m just scratching the surface with Myst (it’s only been out for a day!), and can’t wait to get lost deep in the story!

Psychonauts 2

Who doesn’t love a good platform adventure? Fans of the original Psychnoauts game will be excited to pick up immediately where the first game ended. Play as Raz – a newly-graduated Psychonaut with powers such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis and levitation.

Frankly, it’s amazing this game even exists, given the rocky history of the original and the long road taken in developing this sequel. But I’m thrilled! The videogame world needs its Psychonauts to rattle some cages and remind us all that original ideas are wonderful things! If you never played the original, give Psychonauts 2 a go anyway – you might be pleasantly surprised! And if you don’t like it… you didn’t have to pay for it anyway. That is the beauty of Game Pass!

The Quake Games

You weren’t a nerdy 90s teenager if you never lugged a ridiculously heavy PC tower and CRT monitor over to a friend’s garage for an all-out weekend of pizza, soft drink and Quake Arena deathmatches!

I’ll be honest – if you aren’t seeking to relive these glory days then Quake may not be for you. But for those of us who put our bodies on the line in the name of the LAN (those monitors were HEAVY, man… Not to mention some dubious wiring setups…),  this Game Pass inclusion is an absolute blast!

Don’t believe me? Check out some of the top comments in the YouTube video…


Humankind has been on my radar for quite some time, so I was thrilled to see it land on Xbox Game Pass for PC! As a massive Civ fan, the parallels are easy to make. But, it is the differences that are intriguing. After all, if I wanted to play an exact clone of Civ… I’d just play Civ.

The key differences seem to be in the in-depth combat system and the fluidity of Civilisation choice from era to era (starting with the Neolithic). There are definitely some unique takes on the genre in Humankind and I look forward to exploring them in greater depth! I may have to cancel sleep for the next few weeks…

Train Sim World 2

Who didn’t want to be a train driver when they were a kid? At two and five years olds, my kids are fascinated by them! Train Sim World 2 lets players fully immerse themselves in the wonderful world of trains. With iconic locomotives and authentic, real-world routes such as the Bakerloo Line of the London Underground, Train Sim World 2 is a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

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The Best of Xbox Game Pass for PC - August 2021

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