Term 2 2022 Children’s Book Roundup

Bluey and Bingo’s Fancy Restaurant Cookbook

This step-by-step spiral bound cookbook with durable glossy finish pages is perfect for our Bluey-loving budding cook. It is filled with delicious, simple recipes, many of which refer to Bluey episodes, like the Shadowlands Cupcakes and Curry Quest. There is also a space to create your menu for your own Fancy Restaurant. This book has been perfect entertainment for the rainy start to our winter school holidays. Let’s cook!

You can find Bluey and Bingo’s Fancy Restaurant Cookbook on the Penguin website.

Bluey: A Jigsaw Puzzle Book

More Bluey fun with this fantastic puzzle book! It contains 4 double sided picture puzzles, each consisting of nine pieces and containing a well-loved scene from Bluey. Three-year-old Monty adores this puzzle book; putting it together and recalling episodes with his sister.

You can find Bluey: A Jigsaw Puzzle Book on the Penguin website.

Who’s Hiding – Satoru Onishi

Another completely captivating book for Mr Three. Each page contains the same animals in the same order, but on each page something is subtly different. Monty loves figuring it out and has looked at this book so many times that each has memorised the activity for each page – who’s hiding, who’s crying, who’s angry and so on.

You can find Who’s Hiding on the Walker website.

Under The Moonlight – Susannah Crispe

Moose had settled down for a sleep when he is suddenly awoken by a sharp noise. Frightened, Moose wants to know what made the noise. Facing his fears, he sets off to investigate the source of his night time fright. The night first is full of big creatures making noise as they go about their business, but what was it that made him feel so scared and what could make him feel better? Could it possibly be one and the same?

You can find Under The Moonlight on the Hachette website.

The Comet  – Joe Todd-Stanton

Nyla misses her home in the countryside. She has moved to the city, but all she can think of is all that she misses from before. When she sees her chance, she can’t resist the opportunity to feel closer to what she had before, but could it be just the thing to make her finally feel at home?

The Comet is a deep and touching picture book about the difficulties of moving house and how this affects our relationships, but also how it can open us up to new experiences. Although we might have to leave places we love behind, they never really leave us. We always have them in our memories and in the ability to make new ones.

You can find The Comet on the Walker website.

Bush Magic – Kylie Howarth

Jarrah loved bush adventure day with Grandpa. It was her favourite day of the week. But on one of their special days, the sun forgot to shine. Unlike the sun, though, Grandpa remembered what day it was. “We can still find a little bush magic,” he said. And with Jarrah and Grandpa’s wonderful imaginations, boy, could they ever! What a hush adventure they have without ever leaving the house.

You can find Bush Magic on the Walker website.

Ella Diaries: Dolphin Dreaming – Meredith Costain and Danielle McDonald

Ella loves dolphin and has always dreamed of seeing a dolphin in the wild. She and Zoe are heading to Misty Point and it seems that her dream may be about to come true! But when Ella and her friends find a baby seal in danger, things don’t seem so perfect anymore. Can they help to save it?

You can find Ella Diaries: Dolphin Dreaming here.

You Don’t Have To Be Loud: A Quite Kid’s Guide to Being Heard – Ben Brooks

You Don’t Have To Be Loud is a quiet kids guide to being heard. It is a positive book that looks at what it means to be quiet and why we should love and embrace it as part of being you. Drawing on his own experience of growing up as a shy child, Ben Brooks explores what being ‘quiet’ can feel like and how we can embrace it. He debunks some myths about what it means to be a shy person, explains that it is actually more common than not (60% of adults identify as ‘shy’, and shares stories of famous shy people from the past and present – Charles Darwin, Greta Thunberg, Rosa Parks, Beyonce, Emma Watson – revealing the stories of successful adults who grew up shy but didn’t let it get in the way of their passion and creativity. In fact, shy kids often have great listening skills, creativity, kindness, compassion and problem-solving. Being shy or quiet is not something to grow out or but rather something to embrace and be proud of.

You can find You Don’t Have To Be Loud: A Quite Kid’s Guide to Being Heard on the Hachette website.

August and Jones – Pip Harry

Eleven-year-old Jones Kirby has just moved to Sydney from the country and is missing her alpacas and the wide open space. She just can’t get used to the tiny apartment. She is also worried that her vision is blurry – she lost her eye to cancer as a toddler. Could it be another tumour?

At her new school she meats August Genting. He likes the library and knitting as much as Jones likes the outdoors. Who would have thought they’d be such great friends?

At home August’s parents are fighting. And for Jones the news from the doctor is not good. To cheer themselves up, the pair hatch the August and Jones Must-See Bucket List.

You can find August and Jones on the Hachette website.

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