Term 1 2023 Top Picks

Term 1 has been rich in quality books releases. Here are my top picks.

Disclosure – these books were provided to Blog of Dad free of charge for the Term 1 2023 Top Picks. For further information, please visit my disclosure statement.

The Isabelle Stories: Izzy and Belle – Jane Godwin and Robin Cowcher

Term 1 2023 Top Picks

In Isabelle’s class there are three Harrys, three Olivias, two Noahs and two Charlies – girl Charlie and boy Charlie – but only one Isabelle. Until one day there is also Isobel, a new girl. They have the same name, but will they be friends?

These four little stories in one volume are captivating. They portray the big and little moments that make up the process of growing up and finding your place in the world – friends, family and school life.

You can find The Isabelle Stories: Izzy and Belle on the Hachette website.

Willa and Woof 3: Grandparents for Hire – Jacqueline Harvey

Term 1 2023 Top Picks

Willa and Woof are back for their third instalment. Willia is as full of adventure, imagination and fun as ever. It’s Grandparents’ Day at school, but not everyone is excited. Can Willa and Woof use their enterprising ways and make the event a big success?

You can find Willa and Woof 3: Grandparents for Hire on the Penguin website.

The World of Emily Windsnap 1: Emily’s Big Discovery – Liz Kessler and Joanie Stone

Emily Windsnap lives on a houseboat but doesn’t know how to swim. Her mother has always cautioned her to stay out of the water. But at school swimming lessons Emily discovers something amazing (and a little scary at first). Emily is half-mermaid. And Emily has so many adventures to be had – on land and underwater.

You can find The World of Emily Windsnap 1: Emily’s Big Discovery on the Walker website.

The Big Story of Being Alive: A Brilliant Book About What Makes You Extraordinary – Neal Layton

What actually makes something alive? All living things have three things in common: they grow, they can reproduce and they are made up of cells. The Big Story of Being Alive is a funny and fact-packed book about all three. With great explanations with just the right level of detail for Miss 7, this book is a very welcome addition to our collection.

You can find The Big Story of Being Alive on the Hachette website.

The Truth Detective: How to Make Sense of a World that Doesn’t Add Up – Tim Harford

In a world where separating fact from fiction is as important as ever and undoubtedly sometimes difficult, The Truth Detective is just the ticket. Author of Undercover Economist and How to Make the World Add Up, Tim Harford, writes his first children’s book on analysing numbers, data and fake news. The world is often full of bamboozling headlines and numbers that don’t add up, but don’t worry, this book transforms us into Truth Detectives able to hunt down the truth about the world around us. We meet heroic truth detectives, such as Florence Nightingale who started a revolution with a pie chart. We encounter villains who have tried to trip us up with data and misinformation. And we learn how being smart and savvy about numbers helps us to be smart and savvy about everything else in life too.

You can find The Truth Detective on the Hachette website.

Disney 100: My First Treasury of Bedtime Stories

In its beautiful pale blue and silver hard sleeve, this Disney treasury is truly something to treasure. Containing short versions of fourteen Disney favourites, this has become a go to for Mr 4’s bedtime stories. He loves hearing the stories of movies that he has seen, and ones that he is yet to watch. The stories a simple a beautifully illustrated with scenes from the stories. Perfect for bedtime.

You can find Disney 100: My First Treasury of Bedtime Stories here.

The Fix-It Princess – Janeen Brian illustrated by Cherie Dignam

Mum-Queen and Dad-King set off on their birthday adventure in their Wing-Thing that Princess Shona made for their birthday and expect to be home soon. When, after a couple of days they haven’t returned, Shona is worried. With her Can-Do attitude Shona needs to devise a plan to get them back. She is great and solving problems. Even though often her solutions do not work!

The Fix-It Princess is a twisty-turny fantasy with lots of heart and humour.

You can find The Fix-It Princess on the Walker website.

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