Tanita RD-953 InnerScan DUAL Body Composition Monitor

First Impressions

The world of fitness is fairly new to me. It wasn’t until last year that a few home truths about my lifestyle choices opened my eyes to the need to take my health a little more seriously. Imagine my surprise when I learnt just how much amazing technology there is out there to really help me get back into some kind of shape!

One of the most surprising pieces of equipment that I have recently discovered is Tanita’s Body Composition Monitors. I was amazed when I found out just how much data I can gain about my body, just by standing on something that essentially looks like a set of bathroom scales.

Tanita were only too happy to be a part of the Blog of Dad household’s fitness adventures. They sent their RD-953 InnerScan Dual Body Composition Monitor over for us to use. After a few days of use, this is what I think so far…


Tanita RD-953


Accurate Scales

Weight isn’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to fitness. It is, however, usually the first point of reference. There is no doubt that excess weight contributes to negative health outcomes, so for a body composition monitor to be worthwhile, it must be able to give an accurate reading of the user’s weight.

The Tanita RD-953 advertises its accuracy to within 50 grams. It is certainly far more accurate than my old bathroom scales. According to those, I was steadily losing weight (I’m a skinny bloke, if I lose any weight there will be nothing left!). The Tanita RD-953 assured me that I am in fact about four kilograms heavier than my old scales would have me believe.

As I am a man who enjoys a good data set, I have been hopping on the body composition monitor regularly since it arrived. I like that the accuracy of the scales gives me an insight into just how much my weight naturally fluctuates each day. It can vary by almost two kilograms.

As well as being an excellent body composition monitor, the Tanita RD-953 can also be used as a regular set of scales, if needed. This came in handy when we needed to measure Hannah’s weight. Some childhood medications are weight specific, so it was vital that we had an accurate reading for her. All we had to do was press the button and ask her to step on up. Hannah was more than happy to stand on the scales, I think she was quite drawn to the fancy blue lights!


Detailed Data

Did I mention that I like data?

The extensive amount of data that could be generated was one of the things I liked most about the Fitbit Blaze, and it is the same with the Tanita RD-953 Body Composition Monitor. Best of all, the data is quick and easy to gather and it is consistent (which leads me to believe that it is highly accurate).

All I have to do is turn the RD-953 on with my phone (more on that in a bit), step on board and within seconds, I have a readout of some key aspects of my physical health. It could not be easier.

This is the kind of information I would have assumed would require an intrusive doctor’s visit, some uncomfortable prodding and maybe a few tests to find out. Yet there it all is, gathered in mere seconds in the comfort and privacy of my own bathroom.

There is a wealth of data and it is the kind of stuff that would be interesting to everyone, from those fighting off the extra kilos to the fittest, most athletic person. Some of the data can be confronting (hello “muscle score” of -2… ffs), while other parts of the data can be quite motivating (today’s body fat percentage, for example – 6.6%. Yes, I’m bragging). Crucially, all of it can be used to inform diet and exercise choices, and to help you work over the long term towards your ideal health profile.


Tanita RD-953
A constant -2… Oh dear.


For me, it’s obvious that excess weight is not a problem. However, the truth is that I need to work a lot harder to build lean body tissue – something I have spent most of my life to this point avoiding. The fact is that my BMI puts me outside the “healthy” range (on the underweight side) and that could have its own negative implications as I age.

I can imagine that people who are on a journey to lose excess weight would find this kind of data extremely valuable. It would provide a much clearer picture of changes to both fat and muscle, which would offset the disappointment of not necessarily seeing a change in weight on the scales. I think I would find that a lot more motivating than having all my efforts reduced to just one number that doesn’t show the full picture.


Wireless Connectivity with Individual Profiles

In my first few days with the Tanita RD-953, this has been a standout feature. In fact, it is possibly the most compelling reason to choose this particular model. The reason I say this is because the Bluetooth connectivity to an Android or iPhone makes the whole experience so easy and useful.

Setup was easy and the connection has worked well each time since. I just tap the Input Data on the Tanita Health Planet app and the body composition monitor lights up. My personal profile is already selected and ready to go. Within seconds, the wealth of data that the Tanita RD-953 Body Composition Monitor generates is available on my phone for me to view and compare with previous readings. It could not be easier.


Tanita RD-953


Easy Tracking

This wireless connectivity with my smartphone means that tacking my progress over a long period of time is easy. I don’t have to do anything, just use the app to start the Tanita RD-953 Body Composition Monitor and it is all there. The more often I use the monitor, the better insight I get into the physical status of my body.

It needs to be this simple, because to be honest, if there were any more steps I probably just wouldn’t do it. I just don’t have time to muck around with manually recording or transferring data from one device to another. Often with the Tanita RD-953 Body Composition Monitor, I quickly take the measurements, then look at them later on in the day when I have a chance.


The Body Of An Athlete?

One thing the Tanita RD-953 Body Composition Monitor has shown me is something that I have always thought – that I more-or-less won the genetic lottery. Without a whole lot of effort I pull the kinds of statistics that most people have to work extremely hard to see.

HOWEVER, I am a long way off being an “athlete”. A natural head-start doesn’t mean anything if don’t actually put the effort into maintaining or developing it. I also have aspects of my physique that I have to work a lot harder than other people to develop (did I mention a -2 muscle score?). The fact is that those people who can be classed as “athletes” work extremely hard to maintain their level of fitness. It doesn’t really matter how lucky one is, regular exercise and healthy eating are the key to success. I most definitely don’t have the body of an athlete, but the Tanita RD-953 Body Composition Monitor gives me the best insight into where I can focus my attention if I really want to make improvements.


Good Looks

Not me, the Tanita RD-953 Body Composition Monitor! I’m not the most vain person in the world, but I do like it when things in my home look good. If I have to see it every day, I certainly don’t want it to be an eyesore.

I really like the style of the RD-953. It is sleek, modern and spectacular when it lights up! It is definitely the fanciest looking device that I have ever had in my bathroom!


Tanita RD-953 Body Composition Monitor


That’s all for now on the Tanita RD-953 Body Composition Monitor. One thing is for sure, the RD-953 is going to be an integral part of my fitness journey. The wealth of data it produces and the ease of use are two factors that ensure the Tanita Body Composition Monitor is a key part of my weekly fitness regime!

Now excuse me please… I have to go and figure out how to build some muscle.


Disclosure – Tanita provided Blog of Dad with the Tanita RD-953 Body Composition Monitor free of charge, for the purpose of review. The views expressed in this post are entirely my own views, based on my experiences with the RD-953. For further information, please visit my disclosure statement.

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  • April 30, 2018 at 11:29 pm

    Sounds very clever, especially that it’s connected to your smart devices. I’m not sure but I might find it discouraging rather than motivating, but as you say you can use it to work out long term goals so from that point of view, very sensible. #lgrtstumble


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