The Bear in Our Backyard

The Bear in Our Backyard - Emma Middleton, Illustrated by Briony Stewart

Best Bits

  • Fun story
  • Detailed pictures
  • Links to previous story

The Review

The Bear in Our Backyard is a companion book to our much loved copy of The Lion in Our Living Room, and it is every bit as fun. The endearing story of the games the children play with their mum as she pretends to be a bear are well matched by the warm illustrations that leave you feeling like you’ve been embraced in a big hug.

With the final pages of the book noting that “Bear’s love is so strong and warm, we’re sure that we can share…our giant mummy bear hugs with our tiny baby bear.” the story will be a particularly lovely addition to the bookshelf of families expecting a new addition.

Keen-eyed fans of The Lion in Our Living Room will be able to spot plenty of references to that story scattered throughout this latest book. Those little touches make The Bear in Our Backyard a particularly enjoyable book to revisit – there is always something new to find!

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