Square – Mac Barnett and Jon Klasse

Square - Mac Barnett and Jon Klasse

Hello, genius!

This second instalment in Barnett’s and Klassen’s shape trilogy is witty, zany, deep and instantly likable.

Square spends his days working, moving blocks from a pile in a cave to another pile at the top of a hill. When Circle sees his work she declares Square a genius sculptor. “This is a wonderful sculpture,” said Circle. “It looks just like you.” “You must do one for me.”

Before Square has the chance to explain the misunderstanding, Circle is gone with a promise to return to see the circle sculpture the next day. Panicking, Square sets to work. Square chips and shapes, and chips and shapes but try as he might, Square cant shape the square block into a circle. Square persists until finally there is nothing left of the block. Square plans to stay up all night and figure it out…but falls asleep instead. What will happen when Circle returns for the sculpture in the morning? Is Square a genius?

The text is sharp, witty and clever, with a depth not often found in picture books. The illustrations, almost monochrome, are unpretentious but full of intrigue, much like the story itself.

I love the design of this book. With a very thick matte cardboard cover, thick matte square pages and a mint green inside cover. This book feels a bit special. And special it is.

Ages 3+

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