Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam

Navman MIVUE860DC TYRE Dash Cam


  • Camera quality
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Tyre pressure monitor
  • Reasonably simple installation with plenty of cable
  • Safety alerts


  • Alerts not always acurate
  • Sometimes doen't connect to smartphone

One thing I care greatly about is my family’s safety while on the road. I carefully maintain my car and drive safely, but I’m always on the lookout for products that can further enhance my family’s safety. That’s why the Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam first caught my attention, and why I asked Navman to send one over for review.


Disclosure statement: Navman sent Blog of Dad the MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam for the purpose of review and for inclusion in the 2018 Christmas Gift Guide for Australian Dads. The thoughts expressed in this review are my own, based on my experiences with the MIVUE860 DC Tyre Dash Cam.


The Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam

While researching dash cameras, the Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam immediately caught my eye. Primarily, I wanted something discreet that could capture a high-quality recording of the road in front of my car. I had been seeing some crazy things on my daily trips around Sydney, and I was starting to get the feeling that it would be sooner rather than later that the footage from a dash cam would come in handy.

While the Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam certainly is very capable of taking high quality videos, it is also capable of quite a lot more. Navman haver certainly packed it full of features, some of which make perfect sense to have included in a dash cam, and some of which I could take or leave. One thing is for sure, the MIVUE860 DC TYRE must be one of the most feature-packed das cams on the market.


Navman MiVue860 DC TYRE


Front and Rear Cameras

First things first – the camera element of the Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam. Perhaps I should say elements, as the MIVUE860 DC packs both a front and rear camera.

The Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam uses 2 channel recording, meaning that all the action is captured from both cameras simultaneously. The 2.7″ LCD Screen displays both images in a picture-in-picture format. You can switch between cameras simply by pressing on the smaller image. While this is handy for gaining a better look at what is going on behind you, it’s still on a fairly small screen. Don’t expect to be using it as a pseudo reverse camera.

Personally, I like the smaller screen. Its purpose isn’t really for live-viewing, and as such the Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam can be positioned in a way in which it is fairly unobtrusive. That is perfect for a safety device – after all, you don’t want a dash cam to obstruct your view.

The Picture quality produced by the two cameras is great for a dash cam. The Low Light Sony Sensor captures smooth footage in full 1080P, which makes it easy to see exactly what is going on when replayed on a larger screen. The inbuilt high sensitivity GPS receiver automatically records information including location, direction and speed. All of this information could be vital in the case of an incident in which you need to prove that you are not at fault. As you would expect from Navman, the GPS seems to function very accurately.

The Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam records compressed files to an onboard Micro SD card (not included). It overwrites old files as space is required, so make sure you transfer any important moments as soon as possible after the incident. Also, the larger the Micro SD card you insert, the more space you will have for recordings (obviously).

The MiVUE Pro app can be used to automatically send footage to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. If you are not connected, the MIVUE860 DC will store the footage and automatically upload it when you are next connected. I have found this process works reasonably well, although sometime my phone has a little trouble reconnecting to the MIVUE860 DC. This has been easy to resolve by forgetting the network and reconnecting.

Navman MIVUE860DC TYRE Dash Cam


Tyre Pressure Monitoring

The next impressive feature of the Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam is the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

Maintaining correct tyre pressure is an integral part of any car’s safety and efficiency. The correct pressure helps your tyres to properly grip, enhances occupant comfort, and improves your vehicles fuel consumption. Despite all these benefits, many of us just don’t get around to checking and adjusting out tyre pressure as often as we should – I know I don’t.

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System on the Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam is an impressive piece of gear that can give you peace of mind while out and about. The four monitors screw into each tyre’s valve (they are numbered so that you know which is on which wheel). They run off a small battery. I can’t tell you how long that battery lasts as I haven’t had to change mine yet, but they certainly last a while!

Once installed, you can set tolerances specific to your requirements. This is an important step, as each vehicle has its own unique requirements. Once these tolerances are in place, you simply go about your daily driving. If the Tyre Pressure Monitors sense anything outside of your set parameters, it produces audible and visual alerts to inform you. I haven’t experienced this yet, as my tyres have stayed within my set parameters during my testing.

You can also dive into the menu system and check the tyre pressure readout yourself. I have done this several times and received consistent feedback about the state of my tyres. Naturally, there is some fluctuation as tyre pressure is affected by atmospheric conditions and time spent driving.

The sensors themselves are unobtrusive. While quite a bit larger than normal valve covers, they don’t scream look at me. I doubt people notice they are there. If you are worried about security, Navman include a system that secures them in place and makes them harder to steal. I installed my sensors with the added security, but it was very fiddly on a couple of my tyres due to the position of the valves.

Overall, I think the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is a great addition to the Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam. It provides a feature that is usually only found on newer and luxury cars – something that is definitely not on my immediate horizon.


Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam


Advance Driver Assistance System Safety Features

Speaking of safety features that are not likely to appear on a car of mine any time soon, the Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam comes packed with Advance Driver Assistance Systems, including forward collision warnings and lane departure warnings.

These alerts can be customised to be either voice or a chime. A warning also flashes up on the screen of the Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam, which is noticeable because the dash cam sits in my peripheral vision.

I find these warnings to be a mixed blessing. When I’m a little tired, the warnings are a comforting thing to have. However, I find them a little obtrusive in my day-today driving. The lane departure warning seems to struggle with certain road conditions and go off even when I am centred in the middle of my lane. It also can’t tell when I’m preparing to change lanes, and often lets off a chime just as I’m about to make the manoeuvre. It’s not much of an inconvenience, but I wonder whether some may find it distracting.

The forward collision warning is also a little hit and miss. I find it most useful on the highway, when I drift a little too close to the car in front of me. Often the forward collision warning will chime while I’m in the process of braking for a set of lights, or something similar. Obviously an added-on forward collision warning isn’t going to be as connected to the car as one that comes standard. Advanced modern built in systems do some very clever things to actively help avoid collisions.

One feature that I do love is that the Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam tells me when the car in front has begun to move. While I take pride in being a very careful driver who is attentive to the road, like all parents I can sometimes find my attention consumed by happenings in the rear seat while stationary at the traffic lights. The little chime brings me right back to the task at hand and ensures I don’t hold up the traffic waiting ever-so-patiently behind me… (just joking, of course. I live in Sydney, so the Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam helps me avoid the inevitable blast of the horn that comes any time a car hasn’t moved within .2 seconds of lights changing).


Safety Camera Alerts

I know you don’t ever speed. Ever. Okay, maybe that needle does sometimes just creep up a little when going downhill…

The safety camera alert is a handy reminder to just check your speed when approaching known fixed speed cameras and red lights. It just adds to the wealth of reminders already on the side of the road in the leadup to NSW speed cameras, but nonetheless, an audio signal is nice to have. You can also customise it by adding your own safety camera alerts. The alerts are updated monthly via the mobile app.



This is the part of dash cams that some people might find intimidating. I know the thought of wiring up my car put me off the idea of dash cams for a long time. One thing I hate is unsightly and obtrusive cables hanging down and in my field of vision.

While the Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam does need to be connected to the vehicle’s power via the DC connector, it is easy to do in a way that doesn’t leave too much exposed cable hanging about.

Installation will vary from car-to-car. In some it will be a breeze, while in others it will be a bit painful to get right. My car was somewhere in the middle – some parts were extremely easy while others were tricky.

For most of the installation it was simply a case of tucking the cabling up in between the seals and roof lining. For large parts, the cabling is entirely invisible. Things were tricker around my A and B pillars, which had no obvious way of routing cables. I could have tried to pull the whole thing apart, but I was slightly terrified by the airbags concealed behind them, so I settled for neatly running the cable down the glass next to my A pillar. It’s not perfect, but I don’t notice it in my day-to-day driving. Thankfully the Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam comes with plenty of cable, so even routing it around large cars shouldn’t be a problem.

If you want a more professional (read no visible wires) installation, consider purchasing the MiVUE Smartbox accessory. Not only will it allow for a professional installation connected directly to your car battery, it will also allow you to utilise the Parking Mode feature of the Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam. This takes footage of events that happen while your car is parked (a pet peeve of mine). Keep in mind that Navman recommend a professional Auto Electrician fits the MiVUE Smartbox to your vehicle.


Final Thoughts

The Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam is not only a dash cam, but also a compelling suite of safety features that are not found on older or budget-friendly vehicles. I particularly like the Tyre Pressure Monitoring, as that is fundamental to road safety and vehicle efficiency. I also find the chime when traffic begins moving again quite useful, especially when the toddler is on board.

As for the dash cam its self, the Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE Dash Cam is an excellent device for recording clear video of all that is happening in front of and behind your vehicle while you drive.

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    I am unsure of the correct way up when installing the battery in the tyre censor.
    Which is the correct way up the + or the –

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      Good question, I’d have to dig out the manual and have a look.

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    Hi, where do you connect the TPMS antenna? Doesn’t seem to be fitted anywhere

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    A dash cam is awesome safety equipment for you and your loved ones but having tire pressure data enhances that security, might even save you from destroying a tire due to insufficient pressure. Great article.


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