Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam – Work From Home Webcam

The Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam


  • 1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps
  • Great webcam image
  • Reliable stereo microphone
  • Great autofocus and light adjustment
  • Good options for positioning
  • Plug and play


  • Not all video conferencing platforms can take advantage of of the performance

Working from home is the new normal and, even beyond once in a lifetime pandemics, the concept looks set to stick around. Through the chaos of 2020, one silver lining is that many employers and employees have come to embrace the idea of (at least partially) working from home. However, as with all these kinds of things, what starts as an informal arrangement with fairly loose parameters quickly gets tightened. Professionalism is still important after all, despite the many Zoom-failure inspired memes that quickly saturated 2020. One of the best ways to maintain a professional appearance in the virtual office of 2021 is to use the right equipment. That is where the Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam comes in.


Disclosure: Logitech provided Blog of Dad with the Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam for the purpose of review and ongoing use. Any thoughts expressed about Logitech products in this article are based on my own experiences. For more information, visit my disclosure statement.



Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam Key Features

Resolution and Frames Per Second

Resolution and frames per second (fps) is one of the key factors in a professional appearance on a webcam. The Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam delivers full HD, 1080p video at 30 fps. The result of this is a sharp image with smooth motion – provided your NBN bandwidth is up to the task.

The Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam can also be set to stream at 720p. 60fps. The higher frames per second comes at a small cost to resolution quality, but in my experimenting it is not a huge difference – especially if you are expecting your content to be seen on smaller screens such as laptops or mobile devices.

Keep in mind that with both Zoom and Microsoft Teams, the actual video quality broadcast will be determined by a range of factors, some of which are outside your control. Your NBN connection and Wi-Fi quality will play a big part, as will the default settings for both video conferencing platforms. It can be fairly difficult to find the specific details around this, but from what I can tell, Zoom will default to 720p in a two-participant call and drop to a lower quality when more are involved. Teams does support 1080p 30fps peer-to-peer video calling, as long as the bandwidth is available.

That being said, my experience with the Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam on meetings with multiple people has been extremely positive, despite the enforced quality limit. People have commented that the video quality is great (as is the sound, more on that in a minute). I can see (in my own little square) that there is more detail and my face appears far better lit. There is far less harsh shadow on my face then when using the built-in camera on my laptop.




Autofocus and lighting adjustment

In my testing, this does exactly what it says – automatically focusses on the user. I didn’t have any problems with fuzzy or soft-looking images. Throughout my use, my image appeared sharp. It didn’t matter if I was close to the camera or far away, or even if I was moving around a fair bit. Job well done!

As I mentioned above, the Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam produces a much better picture in less-than-deal lighting conditions than the built in laptop camera. That is because Logitech have incorporated some impressive low-light performance right into the camera. The difference is noticeable and again, it comes back to the idea of maintaining a professional appearance. The difference is… night and day…



Arguably, sound quality is even more important than video quality in the virtual office of 2021. While choppy video can be tolerated (to an extent), the audio experience must be clear and consistent. There is nothing worse in an endless work meeting than one colleague whose audio doesn’t work properly. I have seen more than one meeting extend well beyond what most mortals can tolerate, with the bulk of the conversation along the lines of “sorry, can you repeat that?” and “I didn’t quite catch that, could you say it again?” It is mind-numbingly tedious.

The Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam has two built in microphones that are capable of recording stereo audio. In every one of my test meetings, my voice has come through clearly, without any dropouts, popping or stuttering. A quality microphone is a small thing that can make a huge difference in the online world.




The Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam is a well designed webcam that can easily be positioned on just about any desktop or laptop monitor. The adjustable clip is deceptively simple, yet it holds the Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam steady on the three different monitors and two laptops that I have tried it on.

The only (minor) inconvenience is that the clip can slightly obstruct a small amount of the top of the screen on monitors with slimline bezels. On my 27 inch Acer, this equates to covering the top part of one tab in my browser. As this is not even enough to obscure the words in the tab, it really doesn’t bother me at all. It is far less obtrusive than a notch in a mobile phone, for example.

If your monitor is awkwardly positioned, the Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam also comes with a small handy tripod. This can be very helpful for finding the perfect position when attempting to create the most professional appearance possible. It can also be handy for angling the view away from communal spaces (or large piles of unfolded laundry).


Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam

Other Uses – Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam

I’m not speaking from experience here, because my interest in the Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam falls firmly in the work-from-home realm. However, the C922 appears to have a particularly strong following in the game-streaming world. It has great pedigree – the C922’s predecessor, the C920, was the go-to webcam for many gamers and YouTubers.

The great lens quality and full 1080p HD resolution are naturally attractive to those in this field, and the 720p/60fps option adds another dimension. The automatic low-light correction is a huge plus, because if you are going to stream you have to look good!

Other streamer-focused party tricks of the Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam include background removal, which you will be familiar with if you have ever watched video of a game with the user’s head showing in the bottom corner.  It appears to be an essential component of streaming these days and it certainly helps the streamer to engage with the viewer. The Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam also comes with a free 3-month Xsplit premium licence, which is an all-in-one live streaming solution. Again, I haven’t used this so I can’t comment much beyond that.

If you are someone who Zooms by day and streams by night, the Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam has every base covered!


Final Thoughts – Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam

A professional online presence is a necessity for many of us in 2021 and a high quality webcam is the gateway from the home office to the business world. The Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam delivers high quality video and audio that is a welcome step up from the default video conferencing equipment baked in to most laptops. A range of clever connection options make the C922 PRO HD easy to position, to further enhance your professional appearance, and effective auto-focus and low-light performance ensure you always look sharp!

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