Husqvarna 1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer

Husqvarna 1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer


  • Husqvarna quality
  • Adjustable brass spray nozzle for versatility
  • Weighted dip tube - no waste design
  • Easy to use


  • Measurement markings

Recently I reviewed the Husqvarna 8 Litre Handheld Sprayer, which was great for dealing with some of those larger spraying jobs around the house. Sometimes, however, spray jobs aren’t so big as to necessitate the 8 litre sprayer. As any good gardener or handyperson will tell you, having the right tool for the job is important. So, what is the right tool for spot treatments and small spray jobs? It might just be the Husqvarna 1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer.

Disclosure: Husqvarna provided Blog of Dad with the Husqvarna 1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer for the purpose of review and ongoing use. Any thoughts expressed about Husqvarna products in this article are based on my own experiences. For more information, visit my disclosure statement.  

Husqvarna 1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer – First Impressions

The Husqvarna 1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer is a simple, no-nonsense tool for spot treatments and small spraying jobs around the house. At a RRP of just AUD $28.95, it must be one of the cheapest ways of adding a piece of legendary Husqvarna equipment to your garden shed! But despite the attractive price tag, the Husqvarna 1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer still displays the commitment to quality for which Husqvarna are so well regarded.

Adjustable Brass Nozzle

Husqvarna 1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer

The Husqvarna 1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer borrows the excellent adjustable brass nozzle from its 8 litre bigger brother. This was one of the most useful features on the larger sprayers, so it is brilliant to see it included with the 1.5 litre device. The brass nozzle can simply be turned to adjust the spray from a solid stream to a fine mist, with a gradual change in stream along the way.

This makes the Husqvarna 1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer suitable for a broad range of spraying activities, albeit ones that are small in size. The Husqvarna 1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer can be used for spot spraying in or around flower beds, trees and shrubs; edging along fences, driveways and walkways; killing unwanted brush; and preparing and maintaining vegetable garden beds.

Husqvarna also include two plastic specialty nozzles – a red high-volume fan nozzle for larger areas and a yellow low-volume fan nozzle for confined areas.

Weighted Dip Tube

This is another small feature that shows Husqvarna’s commitment to customer satisfaction, even in their cheapest products. A simple weight at the end of the dip tube is designed to ensure that users can access all the liquid in the container. This reduces wastage and frustration!

Pressure Mechanism

The Husqvarna 1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer is pressurised by the easy-to-use handle mechanism on top of the sprayer. The handle moves smoothly, with a bit more pressure required after several pumps as the pressure builds. An equally easy-to-use pressure release valve is found on the side of the mechanism, which allows for a safe and steady release of internal pressure prior to opening the sprayer for refills or upon completing a task.

1.5 Litre Tank

The 1.5 litre tank is a great size for quick and easy spraying jobs around the house. The material feels and looks similar to that used in the 8 litre sprayer, and the bottle is tapered in a way that makes it easy to hold. The head screws on easily and tightly, creating the reliable seal that is required for pressurisation. The handle has a nicely-shaped grip, which makes holding the bottle throughout the job easy.


Husqvarna 1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer – Use

I filled the Husqvarna 1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer with water to test it for the first time. This is recommended in the user manual, and is written clearly on the side of the bottle. It is also common sense.

This was where I discovered my single dislike with this sprayer. The metric measurement markings on the side of the bottle are a little… strange. It starts uniformly enough, with 300 millilitre increments, but after the 900ml, the next mark is at 1100ml. Sure, this doesn’t have a huge impact on use, but I do find it a little odd. My other, slightly bigger gripe is that the markings end there. This left me guessing where the advertised 1.5 litre maximum capacity is. From my observation, I believe it is where the bottle begins to taper, but I’m not 100% sure. Not a huge issue, just something worth noting.

Pressurising the full bottle was easy. A bunch of excited air bubbles let me know that my pumps were, indeed working, and after 10-15 quick pumps, the sprayer was ready to go.



I started with the brass nozzle set to solid stream. This produced an impressively strong and narrow stream of water that was easy to control and target specific objects. Pressing the trigger resulted in an immediate stream of water, while releasing it instantly stopped the flow, with very little dripping observed throughout the tests. The first round of pumping was enough to quickly disperse about half of the water from the bottle. The stream was reasonably consistent, with a gradual drop in the flow as the pressure reduced.

With the bottle about half full, 15-20 pumps of the handle were sufficient to create the appropriate pressure. This was enough to use the rest of the contents of the bottle, although I would probably go with three sets of pumps in regular use, just to ensure a strong and consistent flow throughout the application.

When I reached the bottom of the tank, the 1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer briefly spluttered and then stopped. I opened the tank for a close inspection and was both surprised and pleased to see that the simple weight on the dip tube was extremely effective. The tank was completely drained.

The fine mist setting produced a wide spray of fine mist. Again, the spray was reasonably consistent, reducing a little as the pressure dropped. It took a little longer to drain the tank than the solid stream, but still reasonably quickly.

The Husqvarna 1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer requires little in the way of ongoing maintenance, with dirt and debris don’t build up the primary concern. Seals should be inspected regularly and lubricated with petroleum jelly as required. Unlike the larger 8 litre sprayer, there are few replaceable parts – just the nozzle kit. Damaged O-rings or valves will require replacing the entire sprayer.


Husqvarna 1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer – Final Thoughts

Husqvarna have consistently impressed me with the quality of their products and their determination to provide users with an easy and reliable experience. I’m particularly impressed to see this on show even in their most entry-level product. The little touches make a big difference, and the inclusion of the adjustable brass nozzle and weighted dip tube make the Husqvarna 1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer an excellent product to use for its intended purpose. My only minor gripe is the measurement markings on the side, but this certainly wouldn’t be enough to turn me off adding the 1.5 Litre Sprayer to my gardening toolkit.

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