Globber EVO 5-in-1 Review

Globber EVO 5-in-1


  • Convertible
  • High build quality
  • really, really fun for a toddler
  • Easy to build and convert


  • Steering can be difficult for beginners

A few months ago, the good people at Globber sent over a Globber EVO 5-in-1 scooter for Hannah to try. My immediate reaction was that it looked like a great contraption for Hannah to learn on. Her immediate reaction was equally as positive – no longer did she need to try and commandeer a ride from unsuspecting children at the playground!


First impressions are fine, but the true test of something like a scooter is time. How did the vibrant new wheels fare after a few months of use?


Quality – Globber EVO 5-in-1

The Globber EVO 5-in-1 is a high quality ride. I felt that when I first took it out of the box and my view absolutely has not changed. It is built to last in the hands of a toddler – that’s no mean feat!

Our EVO 5-in-1 has a scratch or two from its time on the bike tracks of Sydney, but other than that it still feels as good as the day it arrived. Nothing has come loose or peeled away. There are no strange squeaks or other sounds.

The wheels roll beautifully! They have already covered many kilometres and there is very little sign of wear on them. I’m confident that we will get many years of use out of them before they need to be changed. They are large enough to handle bumps and twigs on paths, which gives me the confidence that Hannah won’t stop suddenly and be thrown off.


Globber Evo 5-in-1


Versatility – Globber EVO 5-in-1

Toddlers grow and change rapidly. I see it in Hannah all the time – one day she is just beginning to do something, the next she acts as if she has been doing it her whole life! The best toys for kids of this age are adaptable, they grow and change with the child in order to support them at their developmental ability and maintain their engagement.

With scooters, it’s no different. If you are going to be spending money on something like this, you want it to be able to grow and change, and to maintain your child’s interest. After all, there’s nothing worse than spending money on something that isn’t used a week later!

The Globber EVO 5-in-1 is a versatility expert. It grows and changes in minor and major ways in order to support your child through the various stages of learning to ride a scooter.

The most noticeable change is the progression from sitting to standing. That change impacts the whole function of the scooter. But there are much more subtle changes too, and they are just as important in the process of helping your toddler learn how to ride.

I just removed the foot plate from Hannah’s EVO 5-in-1. The result is that she is now pushing along with her feet. Small changes like that will help her when it is time to transition to standing.


Globber Evo 5-in-1


Fun – Globber EVO 5-in-1

There’s no doubting this one – the Globber EVO 5-in-1 is fun! Hannah absolutely loves it. She happily rides it for extended periods of time.

When we head to the park with the Globber, the first thing Hannah wants to do is go for a ride. She enjoys it so much that nothing else even gets a look-in (so much for the healthy snack I prepared!). In its current configuration, I have to be prepared for a long, long walk. This is because once we start, Hannah can enjoy the ride for several kilometres.

Part of me can’t wait for the day that Hannah can ride independently, so that I can give my wearily legs a rest. Although, when I really think about it, I actually really enjoy time together as well. There is something truly special about seeing the bliss on your daughter’s face when she is doing something that she loves. With the Globber EVO 5-in-1 in sitting configuration, I get to be a part of that!

Maybe I don’t want Hannah to transition too soon after all.


Globber Evo 5-in-1


Ease of Use – Globber EVO 5-in-1

The Globber EVO 5-in-1 is easy to set up in every configuration. I had the seating position set up in a matter of minutes. There is some basic assembly required when you take it out of the box, but Globber provides everything you need to get it up and going in no time.

The Globber EVO 5-in-1 is also easy to transform. You can do it quickly even while at the park, so when your child is learning to transition from one mode to the next, you can easily make changes.

The trickiest part to get used to is the steering. With two wheels at the front and one at the back, it feels like the scooter prefers to go straight. It certainly doesn’t seem to like tight corners. There is a trick to successful steering – it’s all in the lean rather than the turn. Now that I have figured that out, I do feel much more confident with piloting the scooter around a track. If you find it difficult at first, stick with it. You will soon get the hang of it!


Globber Evo 5-in-1



The price of the Globber EVO 5-in-1 may initially seem intimidating at $200 AUD (correct at time of writing). But take a moment to think about it – the scooter is a quality product. It is built to last many years in the hands of a toddler! The genius of the Globber EVO 5-in-1 is that it grows and changes with your child. When you spend your hard-earned $200 on this product, you do so knowing that it will be relevant and useful for your child for many years to come. To me, that sounds like good value.


Globber Evo 5-in-1


The Globber EVO 5-in-1 is an absolute hit in our house. It has consistently brought a smile to Hannah’s face whenever she uses it, and I am confident that it will be a regular feature of our park visits for many years to come. Thanks to its convertible nature, the Globber EVO 5-in-1 is a product that I highly recommend to any parent looking for a first scooter for their child… and a second.. and a third…


Disclosure – Globber provided Blog Of Dad with this scooter free of charge, for the purpose of review. The views expressed in this post are entirely my own views. They are based on my experiences with the Globber EVO 5-in-1 scooter. For further information, please visit my disclosure page.

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