November/December 2021 Children’s Book Roundup

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Check out these excellent Children’s books, released just in time to wrap up and place under the Christmas tree! Welcome to the November/December 2021 Children’s Book Roundup!

Disclosure – these books were provided to Blog of Dad free of charge for the November/December 2021 Children’s Book Roundup. For further information, please visit my disclosure statement.

Llamas in Pyjamas – Matt Cosgrove

llamas-in-pyjamas - November/December 2021 Children's Book Roundup

Book-loving Dharma the Llama is back, and in her latest adventure she is taking on the wild and wonderful world of babysitting! She is widely regarded as the best babysitter in town  – “making bedtime hunky dory with the perfect, sleepy story”. But, what happens when Dharma is tasked with babysitting twin llamas who are notorious for avoiding bedtime?

In typical Matt Cosgrove style, Llamas in Pyjamas is packed full of clever rhyme, bright and fun pictures, and a healthy dose of chaos! The kids adore these books and I do too. Another wonderful addition to the alpaca/llama collection.

You can find Llamas in Pyjamas here.

The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read – David Sundin

This book doesn’t want to read. Seriously. It does everything it can to make life difficult for whichever poor grown-up finds themselves stuck trying to read this to their children. For some reason, the children don’t seem to mind. In fact, my children seemed to find it particularly funny that this book wouldn’t behave properly while I was reading it to them. IF, for some reason, you do find yourself trying to read this book to a child – be warned. It will do everything it can to stop you. Hold on tight and bring your imagination – you’re going to need it!

You can find The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read on the Penguin website.

Meet Ella: Tooth Trouble – Rebecca McRitchie and Danielle McDonald

Meet Ella: Birthday Surprise – Rebecca McRitchie and Danielle McDonald

Hannah is delighted to have a couple more Meet Ella books in her collection. These simple early readers on topics that are so relatable to her five-year-old self are instantly grabbed hold of and read when they pass through our front door. She just can’t wait to hear the next happenings in Ella’s life.

In Tooth Trouble, Ella has a wobbly tooth. It wibbles and wobbles and then it falls out, right into her hand, during recess at school. No one else in her class has lost a tooth, and now she is the only one with a gappy smile and a whistle when she talks. All on school photo day too! Luckily, the next day, things look a lot brighter. For starters, the tooth fairy has visited, and when Zoe arrives at school she finds that she and Zoe are matching! Zoe’s tooth has fallen out too!

In Birthday Surprise, Ella wants to bake a cake for Zoe’s birthday, so she and Dad go shopping for ingredients and get baking. Everything is going well… until Ella doesn’t hear the oven timer go off and the cake burns. Dad is pretty sure they can fix it. But how? Well there’s always rainbows, after rain.

You can find Meet Ella: Tooth Trouble and Meet Ella: Birthday Surprise and here and here.

Alice’s Food A to Z – Alice Zaslavsky

From apple to zucchini, Alice’s Food A to Z is packed full of bright (delicious looking) photos and even more delicious recipes. Oh sure there is recipes for well-known sweet treats like nutty road (rocky road) and honeycomb, but there also more unusual savory treats like baba ganoush and dukkah and we jumped right into the more unusual. Babushka’s borsch was the first recipe from Alice’s collection that we made and it was delicious. A warm, deliciously sweet, beetroot based soup, topped with some sour cream – divine! Alice’s Food A to Z is also packed full of interesting food information. So much to enjoy!

You can find Alice’s Food A to Z on the Walker website.

Scaredy Bath – Zoe Foster Blake

What on earth could a bath have to be scared about? Turns out, quite a lot. You see, kids are gross. AND, they are rough. AND, just when you think the torture is over, the dog appears, and the dog is even more gross than the kids.

But after a bit of perspective from the sink and toilet (if you are ever having a tough time, talk to the toilet about what it goes through each day…), bath decides that bathtime isn’t so bad after all. In fact, when the kids don’t appear for a few days, bath starts to realise that life is a bit boring without the mess and chaos. Even better, a tiny, sweet new little person comes along for quiet, relaxing baths. What could go wrong…?

You can find Scaredy Bath on the Penguin website.

I Don’t Want to Read This Book – Max Greenfield

November/December 2021 Children's Book Roundup

Earlier on in this roundup we had a book that didn’t want to be read. Now, we have a book that all about kids not wanting to read it.

I Don’t Want to Read This Book is a master-stroke in reverse psychology for reluctant readers. The back cover invites them right in by asking, “why would I want to read this book?” and the same theme continues inside, where the moaning about words, sentences and paragraphs is relentless, but entertaining.

You don’t have to be a reluctant reader to enjoy this book. Our five year old adores picture books, but she still had a good laugh with this. She is also thrilled to have learnt the word “infinitesimal” from one of the moaning pages.

You can find I Don’t Want to Read This Book here.

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