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Last Thursday was officially the shortest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere – the winter solstice. While I was brave enough to get up for a run on that day, the cloudy weather meant trying to capture an image of it was pointless. Saturday, however was a different story. There was a near-cloudless sky and I was in my favourite spot – the Cronulla Esplanade. These short days mean fairly brutal conditions for running, but the view is definitely worthwhile.

It was pitch black when I arrived, just after 5.30 am. The sun wasn’t due to arrive until just after 7 am. However, by about quarter of the way through my run the first rays of dawn were beginning to appear. It was absolutely stunning, and it took my mind off the extreme (by Australian standards) cold.

After I had completed an 8 kilometre loop of the Esplanade the sky was a brilliant mix of deep blues, pinks and yellows. Unfortunately I had left my camera at home, so I had to make do with the smartphone. It’s a shame – these pictures are definitely not as good as they could be. Nevertheless I think they are good enough to convey the awesomeness of the midwinter predawn.


Short Days

Cronulla Short Days Predawn


Cronulla Short Days Predawn


Cronulla Short Days Predawn


Cronulla Short Days Predawn


Cronulla Short Days Predawn


As spectacular as the sunrise was, I’m glad that the shortest days of the year are now behind us. Bring on summer!


As always on a Sunday, I’m linked up to the excellent #MySundayPhoto linky. It’s hosted by Darren Coleshill on the website PhotalifeI highly recommend you click on the link (or the badge below) and check out everyone’s photos.

If you want to see more photos from me, head over to the Blog of Dad Instagram page.


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