My Sunday Photo – Kyoto Station

With a family-filled Easter long weekend, I haven’t had much time to get the camera out. So instead I’m heading back to last year’s Japan trip for some inspiration. My Sunday photo for this week comes from the most incredible train station I have ever seen – Kyoto Station.

Kyoto Station

Anyone who has travelled to Kyoto by Shinkansen will be familiar with this amazing building. I’m not sure if these photos truly do justice to the scale of the place. If you click on the second photo, see if you can spot the tiny people all the way down the bottom.


Kyoto Station


I particularly like the effect in black and white, I think it shows off the complexity of the architecture and the way that the light and shadows work to add depth to the structure. I can look at these two photos for hours and still spot new things. What you think – do these photos convey a sense of vastness and complexity?




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