MSI X570S Motherboards – Performance and Value

The latest in performance-focused motherboards have arrived! The MSI X570S series motherboards are designed to squeeze every last drop of goodness out of the awesome Ryzen 5000 series CPUs, which is great news for serious gamers, creators and general appreciators of high-performance computing.

Pleasingly for value-seekers like me, MSI have started their X570S offerings with the mid-range king – the TOMAHAWK! I raved about the MSI B550 TOMAHAWK when I reviewed it earlier this year and it is the foundation of my current build, so an X570S version certainly grabbed my attention. Partnering the X570S TOMAHAWK MAX WIFI is the X570S TORPEDO MAX.

Both these motherboards might be from the mid-range MSI Arsenal Gaming (MAG) range, but as you’d expect from MSI they pack performance and features where it really matters. Plenty more MSI X570S boards are due to follow, to suit a range of needs and budgets.

Thermal performance from MSI is legendary. These two X570S motherboards pack beefed up heatsink designs, as well as a fanless chipset heatsink for a silent, high performance experience. M.2 Shield FROZR will keep those next-gen storage drives working at optimum speeds for longer. A 12 Duet Rail Power System with digital PWM IC should be well-and-truly up to the task of delivering reliable power to even the most demanding performance builds.

MSI X570S Motherboards
Image provided by MSI

The latest generation of connectivity is thoroughly covered on the MSI X570S motherboards, with two PCIe 4.0 x16 slots and two M.2 Gen 4 satisfying the need for speed. With Windows 11 just announced, gamers who demand the best performance will be salivating at the idea of a dedicated M.2 Gen 4 game drive taking advantage of Direct Storage!

Ultra-fast performance appears to be the name of the game with these new MSI X570S motherboards. The X570S TOMAHAWK MAX WIFI packs cutting edge Wi-Fi 6E and 2.5G LAN networking, while both boards can support blazing-fast 5100 MHz DDR4 memory. That’s impressive!

Audio wasn’t the strongest point of the B550 TOMAHAWK, but MSI have stepped up their audio game on the X570S version. The latest ALC4080 audio processor with MSI Audio Boost 5 should make for a great on-board listening experience. MSI state that this works to provide up to four times the signal bandwidth from HD-A to USB interface and twice the DAC format from 32-bit/192kHz to 32-bit/384KHz. Plug in a quality set of headphones and it should sound amazing!

Follow these thinks to find out more about the MSI X570S TOMAHAWK MAX WIFI and the MSI X570s TORPEDO MAX.

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