May 2021 Children’s Book Roundup

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The Whale Who Wanted More – Rachel Bright and Jim Field

Humphrey the whale is on a life-ling quest to find…he is not sure what. But it is something, for he has a longing for something that he doesn’t have yet. So he searches and collects but no matter what he gets, or how much of it, the next day it never seems quite as shiny. He never feels satisfied. In fact, the more he amasses the more lonesome he feels. He knew it was not right, but he just couldn’t stop. Could it be friendship, not things, that will really make his heat sing?

You can find The Whale Who Wanted More on the Hachette website.


Winner Winner Bin Chicken Dinner – Ronojoy Ghosh

Bin Chicken is back and this time she is in search of a feed. Alas, no one seems keen on accommodating a bin chicken culinary plight. The school playground seems like a rich pecking ground…before the teacher on duty hastily moves bin chicken along. As the school bell rings and children storm the playground, bin chicken takes refuge at the staff window. Peering in, she can hardly believe her eyes. Sausage rolls, party pies, a quiche and more, so much more, just ready to take.

You can find Winner Winner Bin Chicken Dinner here.


Grumpy Monkey Party Time! – Suzanne Lang and Max Lang

May 2021 Children's Book Roundup

Jim Panzee has been invited to Porcupine’s party. Everyone is going. There will be dancing. But Jim doesn’t know how to dance. Luckily all the animals are wonderful teachers. They teach Jim to dance and head to the party together. At the party, Jim finds he in a marvellous dancer. There’s just one problem. Jim doesn’t like dancing. Who doesn’t like dancing?! Well… all the other animals, now that they think about it! Not to worry, wonderful food and games all around then!

This funny and thoroughly enjoyable story has a lovely message about speaking up and learning it is okay to not follow the crowd. You might surprise yourself with who you help find their own voice and be true to themselves along the way.

You can find Grumpy Monkey Party Time! here.


Ella and Olivia: Surprise for Mum – Yvette Poshoglian and Danielle McDonald

May 2021 Children's Book Roundup

It’s Mum’s birthday and Ella and Olivia are planning a surprise party, complete with the birthday cake she has always wanted. The whole family is in on the preparations. Can they pull it off.

Hannah loved Ella and Olivia: Surprise for Mum. At five-years-old, she is into any celebration she can find and she saved it to read with Mum on Mother’s Day. Hannah is just getting into these short, simple chapter books with pictures. The storyline really captured her interest and she feels so grown up reading a chapter book.

You can find Ella and Olivia: Surprise for Mum here.


The Book of Australian Trees – Inga Simpson

This is a beautifully illustrated guide to our nation’s trees. Trees tell stories about places. Australia has some of the tallest, oldest, fattest and most unusual trees in the world. They have changed over thousands of years, adapting to this continent’s deserts, mountains and coasts. Many have found clever ways of dealing with drought and fire.

Hannah enjoyed spotting trees that she has seen outside before in this book and then learning more about them.

You can find The Book of Australian Trees on the Hachette website.


Florence and Fox – Zanni Louise and Anna Pignataro

May 2021 Children's Book Roundup

Florence can’t share her toys with Fox today. Today is not Sharing Day. In fact, “Sharing Day is not for hundreds of days”, says Florence.

Florence and Fox is a beautifully and authentic story of two preschool-aged friends, learning to navigate friendships and sharing. The gorgeous illustrations bring the magic to this fabulous book.

You can find Florence and Fox on the Walker website.


Spot Visits His Grandparents – Eric Hill

This instalment of the classic Spot series takes us to Spot’s grandparents’ house. No trip to grandma and grandpa’s place is complete without snacks, helping in the garden, and a story, but best of all, Spot finds a ball!

With the classic lift the flaps and the board book format, Monty is loving Spot Visits His Grandparents.

You can find Spot Visits His Grandparents on the Penguin website.


Little Owl’s Bedtime – Debi Gliori and Alison Brown

Hannah could not wait for me to read this book to her from the moment she saw it arrive. She sure is a Little Owl fan. Little Owl’s reticence on previous matters of preschool and bath time, along with the responses of ever-accommodating Mummy owl, has been a hit for young Hannah. And it turns out that, oh yes, she loves his stance on bedtime too. After a bed time book, another bedtime book it was time for bed, but Little Owl’s pillow was too lumpy, his quilt too hot and its too dark. Luckily, Mummy Owl knows just what to do (and what to do after she’s done that, and even what to do after she has done that… I’m exhausted just thinking about it!)

You can find Little Owl’s Bedtime on the Bloomsbury website.


A Way With Wild Things – Larissa Theule and Sara Palacios

May 2021 Children's Book Roundup

Poppy loves bugs. People…people, she is less sure around. But bugs…bugs she loves. At parties, she is always out in the garden and blending in to the background. When a very special dragonfly lands on her grandma’s birthday cake, Poppy finds herself in the limelight. Could this be her moment to let herself shine?

A Way With Wild Things is a beautifully illustrated, charming and uplifting story.

You can find A Way With Wild Things on the Bloomsbury website.

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