May 2019 Children’s Book Roundup

Welcome to the May Children’s Book Roundup! The unseasonably warm Sydney spring had now given way to the cooler weather. It’s the perfect time for snuggling up with a good book, and there are plenty of lovely children’s books to choose from this month! Enjoy the May 2019 Children’s Book Roundup.


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Wandering Star – Natalie Jane Prior and Stephen Michael King

Wandering Star

“I have a horse, a beautiful horse, and her name is Wandering Star. We roam wild and free from the hills to the sea, and it’s magic wherever we are.”

Together with her horse, Wandering Star, a girl has magical adventures far and wide: learning tricks at a circus, helping to roundup sheep at a farm and discovering a queen’s priceless pendant in a rock pool.

Charmingly illustrated and told in elegant rhyme, this book is bound to appeal to little adventures and little dreamers, especially those who love horses.

You can find Wandering Star on the Scholastic Store website.


Don’t Make Me Cross – Smriti Prasadam-Halls and Angie Rozelaar

Don't Make Me Cross

“I’m a little monster, I am smiley, small and sweet, with gorgeous little monster eyes and furry monster feet. There’s just one thing that you should know… I have to be the boys. And if you don’t remember… I’ll get very VERY CROSS!”

It’s Little Monster’s birthday and his friends are coming to his party. There are presents, party games, favourite foods. But it turns out it is not much fun for anyone when Little Monster always had to get his way. So what will Little Monster do?

A fun, rhyming story, bound to resonate with parents and toddlers everywhere!

You can find Don’t Make Me Cross on the Bloomsbury website.


How To Build the Perfect Cubby House – Heath McKenzie

How to Build The perfect Cubby House

Let your imagination join in with the creativity of this family as they work together to transform the dilapidated cubby house into something truly extraordinary. How to Build a Cubby House is structured as a step-by-step step guide with the story told through speech bubble conversations and vibrant illustrations that capture the bustle and teamwork of their endeavour. This book projects the wonderful energy, vibrancy and fun of an extended family pitching in together to create something wonderful.

You can find How To Build the Perfect Cubby House on the Scholastic Store website.


The Panda Problem – Deborah Underwood and Hannah Marks

The Panda Problem

This book is about a panda with a problem, or so the narrator tells us. But panda doesn’t have a problem, so what is this book about?

The Panda Problem is a humorous story about, well, stories really. Narrator has a story idea but Panda is not sticking to the script and as cheeky, disagreeable panda mucks it all up, they create a funny story together as a result. What’s more, we learn lots about what makes a story along the way.

You can find The Panda Problem on the Scholastic Store website.


Moonwalkers – Mark Greenwood and Terry Denton


In a sheep paddock near Billy, Mickey and Buzz’s house is one of the largest telescopes on Earth – ‘The Dish’. It’s 16 July 1969 and they have just watched the Apollo 11 blast off for the Moon. In the intervening days, as the astronauts travel to the moon, the children excitedly play out their own space adventure. Then, on 20 July 1969, they gather in front of the television and join the world in watching the Moon walk, the live pictures beamed from The Dish in the nearby sheep paddock.

The excitement and awe of this amazing feat is palpable throughout this joyous picture book of the moon landing told from an Australian children’s perspective. After the story, it includes information about the sequence of key stages of the mission and a short note about the author and illustrator’s experience of the Moon landing. A beautiful celebration of this momentous event made accessible for a new generation of Australian children.

You can find Moonwalkers on the Penguin website


Let’s Explore With Ted – Sophy Henn

Lets explore with ted

This Ted series is perfect for young toddlers. It has thick cardboard pages with big flaps for little hands to lift, big simple illustrations in bold colours and a repetitive language pattern written in large, clear text.

In this instalment, Ted goes exploring; a cold, snowy iceberg with lots of slippery seals, a hot tropical jungle full of tigers and leopards, the tippity-top of a mountain where the giddy goats live.

You can find Let’s Explore With Ted on the Bloomsbury website.


Go, Go, Pirate Boat – Katrina Charman and Nick Sharratt

Go Go Pirate Boat

“Go, go, pirate boat across the salty sea. Raise the anchor, host the sail, it’s a pirate’s life for me.” Read aloud to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat, this story follows a bunch of pirates on their adventure to find a treasure chest.

This story is fun and engaging with bright, bold illustrations. A nice introduction to rhyme and creativity with language through reference to a well-loved children’s song.

You can find Go, Go Pirate Boat on the Bloomsbury website.


Olobob Top: The Olobobs and Friends – Leigh Hodgkinson and Steve Smith


This is a bright and colourful sticker activity book full of engaging activities for preschoolers. It includes finding activities, picture copying activities, counting activities, imagining activities and, of course, plenty of sticker activities! The book is packed with four full A4 pages of stickers – all different kinds of eyes, clothes and foods – to be used in activities on the pages of the book. What preschooler doesn’t love stickers?! Hannah loves it!

You can find Olobob Top The Olobobs and Friends on the Bloomsbury website.


Mr Walker Gets the Inside Scoop – Jess Black and Sara Acton

Mr Walker and the Dessert Delight – Jess Black and Sara Acton

Mr Walker Desert Delights

The lovable hotel resident Labrador, Mr Walker, is back and having new adventures.

In Mr Walker Gets the Inside Scoop, the hotel staff are preparing for the arrival of an important reviewer. It’s up to Mr Walker to be at his charming best. What could possibly go wrong?

In Mr Walker and the Dessert Delight, the hotel is all aflutter with preparation for a special anniversary celebration. A famous chef is flown in for the event but Mr Walker is not so sure about sharing his kitchen. Will the event go off without a hitch?

The Mr Walker series is a wonderful set of early chapter books, inspired by the real-life Mr Walker, a Guide Dog Ambassador who now calls the Park Hyatt Melbourne home. Charmingly, royalties from the sales of these books go to Guide Dogs Victoria.

You can find Mr Walker Gets the Inside Scoop and Mr Walker and the Dessert Delight the Penguin website

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