KOOLSUN Sunglasses – Summer Fun and Sun Safety

Disclosure: KOOLSUN provided Blog of Dad with KOOLSUN Sunglasses for the purpose of this article and enjoying a safe, protected outdoors summer. Any thoughts expressed about KOOLSUN products in this article are based on my own experiences. For more information visit the Disclosure Statement

With lockdowns and restrictions, this past winter wasn’t a whole lot of fun. My kids have seen more of the inside of our house than I’d care to admit. Now that the fine weather is back and (for now, at least), the Covid threat is under control, we are making the most of it and getting back out into the great outdoors!

Of course, we all know that with Australia’s perfect weather comes increased risk. The Australian summer sun is harsh and we now know so much about the damage it can cause. That won’t stop us getting out and enjoying it, but it does mean that we take every precaution possible to protect the health of our whole family.

That means sunscreen, broad-rimmed hats, long-sleeve (loose-fitting cotton) whenever possible and full-length swimming costumes. It also means something many of us forget about for kids – sunglasses.

KOOLSUN Sunglasses for Kids of All Sizes

Sunglasses aren’t just a fashion statement for adults, they are also a vital part of a comprehensive sun-smart outfit for kids. And thanks to KOOLSUN, kids as young as 1 year old can get the protection they need!

KOOLSUN have a great range of options, because why not look stylish while protecting little eyes? But more importantly, their sunglasses are designed to withstand all that their little owners can throw at them!

This Dutch brand describe it as their mission to “have the best and affordable UV protective eyewear for everyday use.” To achieve this, KOOLSUN use a durable, elastic and strong TPE for the frame and temple design. The UV400 lenses are made of “unbreakable polycarbonate”. They are Optical Class 1 and CE 3 blocking UV-A & UV-B 100%.

All of this adds up to a pair of sunglasses that are extremely durable and offer excellent protection to vulnerable little eyes.


Our four year old loved her new KOOLSUN Sunglasses immediately, especially as her old sunglasses from a different brand has recently been broken by her enthusiastic 1 year old brother. She has the KOOLSUN Wave Bleached Aqua sunglasses for 3-10 year olds. They are slightly on the larger side, but still a good fit and comfortable to use now, which is great because the sturdy design should last for many years.

As for the one year old, he doesn’t have to worry about trying to take his sister’s pair anymore, because he now has a set of KOOLSUN Air Deep Ultramarine sunglasses (1-5 years) all to himself. It took a few goes for him to get used to wearing sunglasses while out, but the great fit was perfect for his small head and soon enough he seemed very comfortable.

KOOLSUN Sunglasses

The Australian summer is well and truly on the way and I’m looking forward to all those long, hot days at the beach. I am particularly happy that we can do so safe in the knowledge that the most vulnerable eyes in our family are suitably protected.

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