HP X796w and x760w USB Memory

There was a time (not so long ago) when USB drives ruled the data transfer world. If you were anything like me, you probably had drawers full of them. Then along came cloud storage and everything quickly changed again. For most needs, cloud storage is faster, easier and more reliable (it’s hard to misplace the cloud).

With cloud storage now ubiquitous, where does that now leave the humble USB drive? Well, for my mind there is still a place for the right kind of USB drive in your essential kit. As I demonstrated in a recent article, they are the easiest way to reinstall Windows. USB drives are also vital for storing or backing up sensitive data that you don’t want stored on company servers or free cloud services. It is, after all, very difficult to hack into an encrypted USB drive locked securely in a safe or fireproof box (impossible, in fact!). USB drives are also the simplest method for transferring files between computers in the same physical location. There are many other good reasons to still have a USB drive, but in most usage scenarios it is vital that the drive is reliable.


Out With The Old

What you should be doing (if you haven’t done so already) is a spring clean of the old stash of USB drive drawer. Chances are they are old, slow, small and, for many of them of dubious quality.

These are the kinds of drives that give USB storage a bad name. As I look through my collection, I don’t even know where most of them came from. A lot were “gifts” at conferences, or handed to my by colleagues to transfer an important file. Their sizes are pitiful (as small as 2GB) and more than one of them prompts my computer to give a dire warning about its integrity when inserted. To be blunt, they are not worth the risk.


In With The New

HP’s new range of USB drives bring everything that you should expect from a modern USB drive. They are fast, high capacity and have the reliability of a collaboration between two trustworthy names in the computer market – HP and PNY.


HP X796w and x760w USB Memory


The HP x796w and x760w USB drives both pack USB 3.1 speed (backwards compatible with USB 2.0).  Both drives start at a usable 32GB of storage capacity. The x760w series tops out at a very respectable 256GB, while the x796w can provide up to an impressive 1TB of portable storage.


The x796w will fit right in to any office environment with its subtle, distinguished metal casing. This, along with the push-pull design, makes for a durable product. The 760w is also stylish and has a  durable metal casing. It features a built-in clip-on hook for securely hanging from a backpack, keyring or anywhere convenient.


The x796w and x760w USB drives are available now from JB Hi-Fi, alongside other USB drives from the HP range.

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