February Picture Book Roundup

February is done and dusted, so it is time to reflect on the great picture books we have enjoyed throughout the month. Welcome to the February Picture Book roundup!

February wasn’t a massive month for new releases in the picture book world, but fear not – what we have missed out in quantity, we have certainly made up for with quality. The following three books are definitely worth a closer look next time you are in the local book store.


Lola Dutch- Kenneth Wright, Illustrated by Sarah-Jane Wright


Lola Dutch February Book


I mentioned this beautiful picture book on the January roundup, because it had just been released. After a month on our shelf it is still a captivating choice. Lola Dutch may well be a little bit much for poor old bear, but she is an absolute delight for the rest of us!

On a side-note, the story of the husband-and-wife author/illustrator team is pretty remarkable. I don’t know where the find the energy to do all the things they do. If Emma and I sat down and tried to make a children’s book together, we would get stuck at the not being able to draw and can’t think of clever words bits.

You can find Lola Dutch on the Bloomsbury website.


Fantastically Great Women who made History – Kate Pankhurst


Fantastically Great Women February Book


History is absolutely chock-full of incredible women. That’s hardly surprising – women make up approximately 50% of the population, after all. What is surprising is how hard it is to find great books that celebrate the achievements of amazing women in a child-friendly format.

This is a picture book for slightly older children, but that won’t stop me from sharing it with Hannah now. The inspiring stories of women such as Ada Lovelace, Flora Drummond and many others from across the globe and through time should form part of the Great People narrative of any childhood.

The graphics of this book are highly engaging for young readers -the pictures are full-page visual extravaganzas! They cleverly guide the reader through the key points of each women’s story.

You can find Fantastically Great Women who made History on the Bloomsbury website.



Go Go and the Silver Shoes – Jane Godwin, Illustrated by Anna Walker


Go Go and The Silver Shoes February Book


This is a delightful story about free-thinking, active and creative little girl named Go Go. As a girl who doesn’t have much, Go Go’s new shoes are everything to her. Naturally, as any young person would, she wants to wear them everywhere.

When an exuberant adventure leads to the loss of one of her new shoes, Go Go faces the tough choice of what to do. Fortunately for her, she doesn’t care what others think and while initially sad, her experience leads to the most wonderful things…

Go Go is strong, intelligent and thoughtful female lead character. The world needs more Go Gos. Anna Walker’s beautiful illustrations paint a wonderful picture of this delightful little girl’s world.

You can find Go Go and the Silver Shoes on the Penguin Website.


Disclosure – these books were provided to Blog of Dad free of charge. For further information, please visit my disclosure statement.

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