February 2021 Children’s Book Roundup

February always flies past so quickly! But amazingly, there was still plenty of time to get a stack of great children’s books published. Check out these beauties in the February 2021 Children’s Book Roundup!

Disclosure – these books were provided to Blog of Dad free of charge for the Children’s Book Roundup. For further information, please visit my disclosure statement

My Spaghetti ABC – Deborah Niland

It sure is a messy mealtime. There is a spaghetti everywhere! On the floor and on the chair. But that is not where it ends. There are spaghetti glasses and some funny shapes: a butterfly and a wriggly snake. Things get even more messy and wild with a spaghetti on dads chair. Then a monster swims in swirly seas, squishing through a storm of cheese. But the best work yet is a cool spaghetti alphabet!

You can find My Spaghetti abc on the Penguin website.


The Don’t Panic Gang! – Mark Sperring and Sarah Warburton

Children's Book Roundup

Next to Joe’s World-Famous Doughy Doughnuts is the top-secret headquarters of The Don’t Panic Gang, a group of helpful do-gooders. When they get a call this doughnut-loving cat, a sweety tweety bird and a plain old window-box worm turn into Sumo Cat, Ninja Bird and Kung-Fu Worm. “Don’t Panic!” cry the Don’t Panic Gang after receiving a desperate call. They spring into action but what they see it is worse than they ever imagined. Something huge, nasty and totally terrifying. So who is their client and who is this dreadful foe?

You can find The Don’t Panic Gang! on the Bloomsbury website.


Little Owl’s Bathtime – Debi Gliori and Alison Brown

Little Owl is back and it’s bathtime. But Little Owl doesn’t want to have a bath. Once again Mummy Owl puts us all in the shade with her mission to make an unwanted, menial task fun for her little one. There are bath toys hidden in Bubble Mountain with a marshmallow reward for capturing every one, for heavens sake. Honestly it even makes me wish I was born avian and not homosapien.

You can find Little Owl’s Bathtime on the Bloomsbury website.



The World Made a Rainbow – Michelle Robinson and Emily Hamilton

January 2021 Children's Book Roundup

Perfect for this current global season (pandemic, anyone?) this book addresses the changes that have happened in our lives honestly and looks to the future hopefully as well as acknowledging the good things we can do now.

“Let’s paint a big rainbow to put on display. When people pass by it and see it, They’ll say… ‘All rainstorms must end, and this rainstorm will too.’ And they’ll feel a bit happier, all thanks to you.”

I love the illustrations, bright and beautifully drawn with an innocent child-like quality.

You can find The World Made a Rainbow on the Bloomsbury website.


My Bird, Bertie – Amelia McInerney and Shane McG

February 2021 Children's Book Roundup

This sweet couple is content on their car ride, but when giggling Gertie gets on board, well, three’s a crowd. When jiggy Jack and silly billy Tilly get in on the automotive actions, things become sillier and noisier very quickly. Lucky this couple knows just how to return to a relaxing ride around town once more.

My Bird, Bertie, is an adorable, silly, and fun story. The text is simple and entrancing. Perfect for the toddler in your life.

You can find My Bird, Bertie here.


Joe and the Stars – Phil Cummings and Cannah Brecon

February 2021 Children's Book Roundup

Joe lived on the flat, dusty plains in the country. His house sat in the shade of a huge tree that his grandpa had planted. Joe loved the tree and his favourite thing to do was climb it at night and gaze at the wide, open sky full of stars. But one day, the trucks came and Joe’s world changed. He moved to the city, full of skyscraper gorges, to a home that sat in the shadows. The bright lights of the city made it nearly impossible to see any stars at all through Joe’s tiny window.

Can Joe ever see the stars again? Maybe his solution can help him to make some new friends…

You can find Joe and the Stars here.


Be Exactly Who You Are – Laura Gehl and Joshua Heinsz

The title says it all – Be Exactly Who You Are is a delightful rhyming picture book that makes it bluntly clear. Children can play whatever they like, and like whatever they find interesting. There are no “boy games” or “girl games”, no “boy colours” or “girl colours”. As a dad of a five year old who loves everything from Barbie dolls to garbage trucks and who is just as likely to don a fairy costume as she is to jump in muddy puddles, I appreciate this book!

You can find Be Exactly Who You Are on the Affirm Press website.


The Song for Everyone – Lucy Morris

February 2021 Children's Book Roundup

The Song for Everyone is a beautifully illustrated reminder of the power of even a small song. Day after day, a sweet, delicate song drifts down from a small, high window onto the townspeople below. It makes sad people happy, tired people lively and lonely people comforted.

But when the music stops, the townspeople grow anxious and cranky. They must find out what has caused the song to stop.

You can find The Song for Everyone on the Bloomsbury website.



Backyard Magic – Wenda Shurety and Harriet Hobday

February 2021 Children's Book Roundup

When Tilly’s mum turns off the TV, Tilley isn’t very pleased. Her box of toys is boring. But a sound from outside captures her attention. “Til-lee, Til-lee”. Tilly feels like the bird is calling her, so she follows it outside. This leads to an amazing adventure through the garden, filled with imagination and fun.

The lovely illustrations of Backyard Magic are very engaging, with both my two-year-old and five-year-old enjoying the game of hide-and-seek that runs through the pages.

You can find Backyard Magic on the Affirm Press website.



Duggie The Buggy – Sam Wallace and Shaun Teo

It seems that poor old Duggie has had his day. His tyres were flat and his paint faded. The new cars were faster, battery powered and teased him for running on petrol. Just when Duggie feels he is left in the dust to rust for good, he bumps into a long-ago friend, Ronnie the Rocket. And Ronnie has a plan: work with what you’ve got. Where will it take them?

You can find Joe and the Stars here.


Dino Friends Book and Jigsaw Set

A fun and bright puzzle is sure to delight any dino-obsessed kid. It is 48 piece floor puzzle with touch-and-feel shiny foil jigsaw pieces, perfect for 3-5 year olds, and comes with a fun book.

You can find Dino Friends Book and Jigsaw Set here.


Shake Touch Play: Baby’s First Sensory Book

Shake Touch Play is an adorable, sensory wonderland filled with bold, bright patterns and colours. From the rattle of the front cover, the crinkle of the first page, the soft and furry square in the middle and the mirror to wave bye-bye in at the end, Shake Touch Play is engaging for babies from start to finish.

You can find Shake Touch Play here.

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