Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Australian Dads 2020

There is no sugar-coating it – 2020 has been a hell of a year. Most dads around this country will have faced challenges well beyond anything they ever could have imagined… and we still have four months left! The fact that we started the year with half the county on fire seems like a distant memory given everything else that has happened since.

In that context, Father’s Day 2020 is an excellent opportunity to stop and reflect on all that the dads in your life have achieved and endured this year. It is the perfect time to say thanks for the sacrifices, the hardship and the massive changes that they have taken on the chin, all while trying to provide kids with a “normal” childhood experience in this most unusual time.

I have to give a huge shout out to the dads all over Australia who are busting their behinds in 2020. To the firefighter dads (professional and volunteer) who went above and beyond, the SES, doctor dads and nurse dads, paramedics and police dads, FIFO dads, office work and work-from-home dads, the teacher dads, the cleaner dads, the Job Keeper and Job Seeker dads, and of course – the stay-at-home-come-teacher dads. To all those dads and every other dad – Happy Father’s Day!

Of course, the best gifts a dad can ever receive are a cuddle, a hand-drawn card and the three simple words “I love you!” If however, in this crazy year you are looking for some extra-special Father’s Day gift-giving inspiration that will surprise a dad in the most unexpected way… I have you covered. There is a Father’s Day gift idea in this guide that will blow almost any dad away! Better yet, every one of the Father’s Day gift ideas is carefully chosen to make the unique challenges of 2020 more bearable… Dare I say, even enjoyable!

Disclosure: Gifts in the “Father’s Day Gift Ideas of Australian Dads” were provided to Blog of Dad free of charge.


Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Australian Dads

Husqvarna PW 235R Pressure Washer

Husqvarna PW 235R Pressure Washer

Serious cleaning requires serious power. If dad loves nothing more than a spotless patio, shiny windows and a squeaky-clean car then the Husqvarna PW 235R Pressure Washer is the gift for him. Help dad make light work of the weekend chores with 135 bar max pressure, which can deliver extreme cleaning power through its included 8 metre hose. High-quality components such as remote pressure control, a metal pump, foam sprayer, flat jet nozzle and rotary nozzle combine to provide a versatile and easy-to-use experience. On board storage keeps everything together, right where dad needs it.

The Husqvarna PW 235R Pressure Washer is the ideal gift for any dad who wants to spend less of the weekend cleaning and more time with the kids.

D-Link COVR 1102

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Australian Dads 2020

With so many of us now working from home, reliable wall-to-wall Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Mesh Wi-Fi is the answer dad needs and it doesn’t come much easier or cost-effective than the D-Link COVR-1102 system.

Dad will appreciate the ease of setup and the expandability on offer with the COVR-1102 mesh – I sure did when I reviewed it earlier this year!

Two access points are included with the COVR-1102, but more can be added to reach every corner of the house. D-Link have also just extended the COVR EasyMesh range to include the single access point COVR-1100 and the three unit pack COVR-1103, so there is a solution to suit every need.

The D-Link COVR 1102 is a perfect Father’s Day gift for any dad seeking fuss-free wall-to-wall Wi-Fi.

Synology DS420+ NAS

Isn’t it about time dad had the right equipment for backing up and/or streaming the mountains of home photos and videos that are otherwise wasting away on hard drives and devices? The Synology DS420+ NAS was a game changer for me. I was blown away when I reviewed it earlier this year and it has been an invaluable part of my setup ever since.

Losing all the photos and videos of key milestones such as first steps or first words, not to mention priceless shots from holidays and family events would be devastating, yet many of us take that risk every day. The Synology DS420+ is a key part of my backup solution. Even better, it has enabled unrivalled access to the moments via streaming around the house. The DS420+ is brilliant!

The Synology DS420+ NAS is an amazing Father’s Day storage and streaming solution that dad will love, and the whole family can enjoy.

PNY GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8GB XLR8 Gaming Overclocked Edition

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Australian Dads 2020

More time at home is a reality we all have to come to terms with right now. I say embrace it and enable dad to rediscover the joy of video games! And there is no better way to do that than with some key upgrades that enable dad to enjoy cutting-edge games in all their glory.

PNY’s gaming-focussed XLR8 components are awesome! I should know, I recently upgraded my machine with XLR8 RAM, Solid State Drives (SSDs) and the incredible PNY GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8GB XLR8 Gaming Overclocked Edition graphics card. My gaming experience has never been better and I am thoroughly enjoying rediscovering a pastime that was once my favourite thing to do. I’m not alone, dads are now one of the key demographics in the videogame industry.

An added bonus for dads who can’t see their mates so much right now is the brilliant social aspect of online gaming. Upgrade dad’s rig with some quality PNY parts and he will be dominating the battlefield, scoring goals or lapping his mates thanks to ultra-high graphic settings and high frame rates*.

Make a gaming dad’s day by upgrading his rig with PNY XLR8 components this Father’s Day.

*Blog of Dad makes no guarantee that awesome gaming components will actually turn dad into a competent gamer…

Logitech MX keyboard and mouse

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Australian Dads 2020

Hands up who’s dad is now working from home, at least some of the time? Yup, the world has changed so rapidly this year that it’s hard to remember what life was like pre-Covid. Some dads might have even forgotten what the office even looks like! The amazing thing is just how well suited our modern homes are to productive work. Many employers are starting to see this setup as the new normal, so it isn’t going away any time soon.

Of course, the right tools can enhance productivity incredibly. Fast, reliable internet is a must, as is a capable computer. But have you considered the impact peripherals can have? Logitech have, and they responded with the MX Series of keyboards and mice (mouse…? mouses…?).

The truly incredible MX Series might just revolutionise dad’s workflow. The MX Keys has been expertly engineered to provide dad with the ultimate in comfort and usability. Perfect Stroke keys ensure every keystroke is fluid, natural and accurate. Intelligent backlighting and USB-C recharge round out a most excellent package.

Things only get better when the MX Keys is paired with a brilliant Logitech Flow-enabled mouse like the MX Master 3. This combination allows dad to work seamlessly across multiple devices with the one keyboard and mouse. It has to be seen to be believed!

Greatly enhance your work-from-home dad’s productivity and comfort with a Logitech MX mouse and keyboard combination this Father’s Day.

Philips Pasta Maker

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Australian Dads 2020

Have you really been in lockdown if you haven’t developed a sudden passion for cooking? Chances are dad has already mastered something in the kitchen that he never dreamed of trying pre-Covid (…I’m looking at you, sourdough). Why not step the from scratch game up a notch and enjoy fresh pasta made easy with the Philips Pasta Maker?

This is truly a gift for dad that the whole house can enjoy. My kids would live entirely on pasta if they could and a homemade Bolognese is a great, easy way to massively bump up the veggie intake. Easy, freshly-made pasta in endless varieties, in less than 15 minutes from start to plate… what could be better?

The Philips Pasta Maker is a brilliant Father’s Day gift for the kings of the kitchen in your house.

Vornado 683DC Energy Smart Medium Pedestal Air Circulator

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Australian Dads 2020

How glorious is spring? It is my absolute favourite time of year. The weather is perfect, the air is fresh and the promise of summer just around the corner is energising!

Of course, us Australian dads are accustomed to the heat of summer, but when the mercury begins to push 40 C, even we go in search of some satisfying cooling comfort. The Vornado 683DC Energy Smart Medium Pedestal Air Circulator is the perfect addition to the man cave, bedroom, living room, home office, workshop or any other space in the house that dad likes to potter about.

The Vornado’s clever design circulates air throughout the whole space, ensuring a comfortable environment throughout the whole room as opposed to just directly in front of the fan. It can also run whisper quiet and is extremely efficient – using up to 80% less energy! It might be just the relief dad needs this coming summer.

The Vornado 683DC Energy Smart Medium Pedestal Air Circulator is an ideal Father’s Day gift for any dad who wants to stay cool this summer.

Ninja Intellisense System

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Australian Dads 2020

I love a multi-faceted kitchen gadget. The Ninja Foodi Grill was a superstar of the Mother’s Day gift guide this year and it has been a revelation in our kitchen. It may have been a gift for mum, but truth be told I’ve barely given her the opportunity to touch it – such is the satisfaction of the food it produces that I’ve hogged all the glory for myself!

Ninja is back with another product that is sure to revolutionise the way dads work in my kitchen – the Ninja Intellisense System. This extremely powerful, intelligent do-it-all machine can spiralize, process, crush ice and frozen ingredients, blend, mix and much, much more. Amazing!

I’m not saying you should buy one of these for dad just so that he can make you homemade smoothies, ice creams and snow cones, but…

The Ninja Intellisense System is brilliant Father’s Day gift for any dads who like high-tech, multi-faceted kitchen gadgets.

DJI Mavic Series Drone

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Australian Dads 2020

There are few experiences in life more breathtaking than flying a drone. There is something magical about taking to the skies from the safety of the ground. The freedom of movement and ability to see places so familiar from such an unique angle is something that, for me, will never grow old.

DJI are the masters of drones and the Mavic Series is the perfect starting point for dads looking to get airborne. They offer something for everyone, with the ultralight Mavic Mini offering a compelling entry point with surprisingly high specifications. Serious photographer and videographer dads will be in pixel heaven when they take to the skies in a Mavic 2 Pro or Mavic 2 Zoom!

A DJI Mavic Series Drone is fantastic Father’s Day gift for any dad who has ever dreamt of taking to the skies.

Kobo Clara HD

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Australian Dads 2020

Every dad with an interest in reading deserves a Kobo eReader. Kobo changed the game many years ago and they have continued to innovate as they strive to provide the best possible electronic reading experience. The Kobo Clara HD is an absolute pleasure to use for long periods of time. It has a wonderfully sharp screen, a fast and smooth processor and (my favourite feature) the ability to link directly with local libraries via Overdrive!

The Kobo Clara HD is a wonderful Father’s Day gift idea for every dad who loves to read.

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