December 2018 Children’s Book Roundup

I Just Ate My Friend – Heidi McKinnon

I Just Ate My Friend December 2018 Childrens Book Roundup

“I just ate my friend.” Mourning the loss of this friend, the creatures goes in search of another. “Hello! Would you be my friend?” A new friend, it turns out, is not so easy to come by. Others see the creature as too big, too small, too scary, too slow… and some the creature finds too scary. But then, the creature hears… “I will be your friend” So what is the twist?!

This clever book is very entertaining, right to the end!

You can find I Just Ate My Friend on the Allen and Unwin website.


Hedgehog Howdedo – Linley Dodd

Another great book from the author of the Hairy Macleary series. There are lots of counting adventures to be had in this backyard full of hedgehogs. Hannah loved searching for and counting all the hidden hedgehogs on each page. There is another, hidden surprise visitor on each page too. See if you can spot it.

You can find Hedgehog Howdedo on the Penguin website.


Animals in the Night (What Can You See?) – Ruth Austin and Iris Deppe

On each page is a night scene, from the Serengeti to the to the jungle, that is full of animals and with a hidden animal to boot. Read the rhyming passage describing the scene and containing clues about the hidden animal, then use the star wand light included with the book to reveal the animal. Hannah loved exploring this book. You could see her mind ticking over with the light revealing a hidden animal on each page.

Lucky for me the final page tells you the name of the animals hidden within the pages. There may have been a few I was a little unsure about. Flying Squirrel and Luna Moth, anyone?

You can find Animals in the Night? (What Can You See?) on the Murdoch Books website.


Imagine (Book and 150 Piece Jigsaw) – Alison Lester


Alison Lester’s Imagine is one of the iconic Australian children’s books. It’s beautiful illustrations are just as captivating as they have always been. Best of all, little ones can really delve into the magic of one of those wonderful double page illustrations through a 150 piece jigsaw puzzle!

This Imagine book and jigsaw puzzle set is perfect for the toddler whose imagination is ready to explode!

You can find Imagine on the Allen and Unwin website.


Disclosure – these books were provided to Blog of Dad free of charge for the December 2018 Children’s Book Roundup. For further information, please visit my disclosure statement.

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