COVR AX AX1800 Dual Band Seamless Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System

Regular readers of Blog of Dad will be familiar with my appreciation of the D-Link COVR 110X-series of mesh Wi-Fi. The combination of ease-of-use, consistent and reliable coverage, and competitive pricing made it an attractive option to install in both my and my parents homes. In excellent news, D-Link have just expanded the COVR range to take advantage of the latest AX, Wi-Fi 6 standard with the COVR AX AX1800 Dual Band Seamless Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System.


COVR-X1873 AX1800 Dual Band Seamless Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System (3-Pack)

COVR AX AX1800 Dual Band Seamless Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System Options

As with the previous COVR system, the new AX Wi-Fi 6 version comes in three configurations. The COVR-X1873 is a three-pack that should provide excellent coverage across large or multi-level homes. The three access points work seamlessly together to provide up to 740 square meters of complete Wi-Fi coverage.

Those who have never used a mesh Wi-Fi system before will be surprised by just how seamless the D-Link experience is. I installed a 3-point COVR-1103 system in my parent’s house and I am still impressed every time I visit, by how easily I can access the network across the entire floorplan of the house.

This is possible thanks to D-Link’s Smart Steering and Smart Roaming technologies, which cleverly manage connections to ensure devices use the optimum wireless band and constantly stay connected to the access point providing the strongest signal, even as you move about.

The COVR-X1872 is a 2-pack that should provide a far superior Wi-Fi experience to the standard ISP Wi-Fi router in small and medium-sized homes. Two COVR-1102 points were enough to make my internet connection reach just about every corner of my full brock townhouse, so I assume the COVR-X1872 will be just as capable.

COVR-X1872 AX1800 Dual Band Seamless Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System (2-Pack)

The COVR-X1870 is an individual router/add-on COVR point. It can be used in a small space to upgrade your Wi-Fi performance to the excellent AX Wi-Fi 6 standard, or purchased as an add-on COVR point to expand on either the COVR-X1872 or COVR-X1873 systems. That is one of the most brilliant aspects of the D-Link COVR mesh systems – they are easily expandable to suit the Wi-Fi needs of just about any space. The added option of using ethernet cable as a wired backhaul makes the COVR AX series even more flexible and impressive.


COVR-X1870 Router/Single Add-On Point


The COVR AX Series maximises the potential of connected devices by utilising OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology. This communicates more data to more devices whilst simultaneously reducing latency. The AX series also has BSS colouring which helps organise data packets, making your network more efficient and improving Wi-Fi 6 device performance even further.

Network security is of utmost importance in 2021, especially when many of us are using our home networks for work from home purposes. The COVR AX series supports the latest  WPA3™ encryption, keeping data safer.

Finally, each access point on the D-Link COVR AX series packs a generous 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports. This provides plenty of options for establishing both wired and wireless connections throughout the house.


COVR AX AX1800 Dual Band Seamless Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System Availability

My experience with the D-Link brand is that they deliver great performance at very competitive prices and the COVR AX range is no exception. It is available now from, and from all authorised D-Link Partners and Retailers for the following RRPs:

COVR-X1873 (3-Pack) – AUD$549.95

COVR-X1872 (2-Pack) – AUD399.95

COVR-X1870 (Router/ Add-On Point) – AUD$249.95

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