Children’s Christmas Books Roundup 2020

Bung a turkey in the oven! The heat and humidity has crept into the air (culminating in the occasional cracking thunderstorm) and our yard is densely carpeted in lilac jacaranda flowers from the neighbour’s tree. Oh yes, there could be no clearer signs that Christmas is just around a corner. After the unexpected events of the year, the joy of this season is particularly exciting.

This year we’ve added a few great titles to our Christmas reading.
Disclosure – these books were provided to Blog of Dad free of charge for the Children’s Book Roundup. For further information, please visit my disclosure statement.

Pig the Elf – Aaron Blabeypig-the-elf - Children's Christmas Books Roundup 2020

It’s Christmas Eve and Trevor and Pig are writing their Christmas lists. Trevor politely asks for something nice and Pig wants…well, pig wants a LOT! When Trevor totters off the bed so that he will be fast asleep when Santa comes, do you think Pig goes too? Oh no, Pig stays up to make sure Santa brings all of his loot.

Another cracking tale of belligerent Pig the Pug and his indelible ways.

It also includes a removable window sticker of Pig “Hey, Santa stop here!”

You can find Pig the Elf on the Scholastic Store website.

Santa Jaws – Mark Speeding and Sophie Corrigan

Santa jaws - Children's Christmas Books Roundup 2020

Shelly the shark is known for her tricks so when she hangs a sign on her cave inviting fish in to meet the real life Santa Claus most fish know just what to do. Swim off extra quick! But Sid the squid is just so excited he can help but take up the offer. What will Sid find? Will Sid become Christmas lunch or does Shelly truly want to spread some cheer on the ocean floor?

You can find Santa Jaws on the Bloomsbury website.

Santa and the Sugar Glider – Alexa Moses and Anil Tortop

Santa and the Sugar Glider - Children's Christmas Books Roundup 2020

Santa crash lands in the rainforest with a thud. Comet has sprained her ankle and Santa needs a replacement to pull his sleigh while Comet recovers. Santa’s Christmas magic can make anyone fly but he needs someone with smarts, impressive moves and a good heart. Snap, the littlest animal in the rainforest swells with excitement. But Snap’s excitement is soon dashed by the raucous laughter of the other animals. The littlest animal do something so important? Surely you jest! It turns out, though, that Snap is small but mighty with a big, big heart.

You can find Santa and the Sugar Glider on the Hachette website.

Bluey: Hooray, It’s Christmas! A sticker activity book

Bluey Hooray It's Christmas - Children's Christmas Books Roundup 2020

There was much excitement in our household at the arrival of this book. The one-year-old was the first to glimpse sight of it and “Bwooey!”, he immediately exclaimed. With that the preschooler was there in a flash.

There is plenty here to keep your young Bluey fans entertained. There is Christmas Bingo with a new festive activity to check off each day, Christmas jokes and activities like dot-to-dot, mazes, craft and lots of stickers.

You can find Bluey: Hooray, It’s Christmas! on the Penguin website.

Ho! Ho! Ho! There’s a Hippopotamus On Our Roof Eating Christmas Cake – Hazel Edwards and Deborah Niland

Hannah loves the Hippopotamus On Our Roof books. The escapism to the adventures of a hippo on the roof that does all the things that wouldn’t normally be allowed continues in this edition. This one is all the more special because it is about Hannah’s favourite thing… Christmas.

You can find Ho! Ho! Ho! There’s a Hippopotamus On Our Roof Eating Christmas Cake on the Penguin website.

What Do You Wish For? – Jane Godwin and Anna Walker

All the kids in the street are writing their Christmas wishes to hang on the tree. Ruby thinks of all the things that make Christmas special for her. It was when Dad came home from work and it was still light outside. It was when Ruby and her friends made plans for their Christmas show. It was when baby Fred smiled when she showed him the tinsel. It was the smell of baking. It was everyone together on Christmas Day. It was holidays, and swimming in the sea. Ruby wished that Christmas would always feel like this.

You can find What Do You Wish For? on the Penguin website.

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