Children’s Books – Term 4 Top Picks

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Coco and the Spiderling – Laura Bunting and Nicky Johnston

Term 4 top picks

When Coco overheard her parents planning a family holiday, she just couldn’t wait. She couldn’t wait to be back in a big city, sipping kittyccinos, watching a show and eating at fancy restaurants again.

Early one morning, Coco sleepily realised she was being carried to the car by Daddy Cat and she realised that today must finally be surprise holiday day. When Coco finally woke up, she was still in the car and still in the car. But she was very much NOT in a city. Camping?! Oh no! Coco busts into tears. As it starts to drizzle and the sky grows darker, so did Coco’s mood. Coco storms off into the woods, and walks straight into a spider web. “Whoopsie!” sings the very small and very bright green spider, who’s web she had torn. Coco doesn’t like spiders. But could it just be that this spiderling can show Coco the fun to be had camping and teach her a thing or two along the way?

Coco and the Spiderling is another lovely instalment in the Coco series, as Coco the sophisticated city cat discovers the joy to be found in places she would never expect.

You can find Coco and the Spiderling here.

Mermaid School: The Spooky Shipwreck – Lucy Courtnay and Sheena Dempsey

Hannah is just so excited for this next instalment in the Mermaid School Series. She listened to earlier instalments as audiobooks on family holidays throughout this year and she has been hooked since then. So we are now caught up and so excited for book number 6!

In The Spooky Shipwreck, Marnie Blue and her classmates are going the CORAL activity centre. Marnie is a little nervous to be away from home from home for the whole weekend, even with magical shell Aunt Christabel has given her. She is excited too, though. It is going to fun singing around the bubble fire and eating midnight snacks! Still, the ghostly tales about the sunken ship that lies nearby sure are scary. Can Marnie be brave and find out the secret of the spooky shipwreck?

You can find Mermaid School: The Spooky Shipwreck on the Walker website.

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