Back It Up

The other day I had that feeling.

You know the one.

The feeling like your stomach just did a backflip. The feeling like you wish you could go back in time and change just one little thing.

The feeling of wishing you had backed up your computer more regularly.

I sat down at my desk, with my bowl of breakfast cereal, ready to enjoy my ritual 20 minutes of writing and checking social media. It’s an important part of my weekday morning routine. I spooned in my first mouthful and reached down to turn on the PC. All was good as the familiar whirring began and the monitor flashed to life. I ate a few more mouthfuls and waited patiently for the ancient machine to do its thing.

Suddenly I was confronted with the unfamiliar – an error message stating that no bootable devices could be found. Okay, I thought. Stay calm. I turned the computer off at the plug, waited a few seconds and turned it back on again. Years of being the pseudo I.T. guy in my office had taught me that it would fix about 95% of problems.

No luck. The same error message.

That’s when I had that feeling.

My mind started racing. When was the last time I had backed up? Had it been successful? How many thousands of photos had I taken of Hannah and the rest of the family since? Were they still on SD cards or had I already formatted them? True, the situation was not as bad as the time I formatted the wrong hard drive (the one containing our wedding invitations… one week before they were due to be sent out), but it was still bad.

In a mad panic I opened up the case and started pulling out and reinstalling connections. I changed the SATA connection for my boot hard drive.

I turned the machine back on and held my breath as it started its processes. Eventually, the Windows sign appeared and then up came the login screen. I pulled out my backup drive and plugged it straight in.


The day had been saved and, hopefully, the lesson had been learnt.


Maybe it’s time to build a new PC.

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