August 2021 Children’s Book Roundup

Another month gone and finally the warmth of spring is in the air! Why not settle in to a comfortable outdoor chair, or find a spot under a shady tree with a big pile of excellent picture books! Enjoy the August 2021 Children’s Book Roundup!

Disclosure – these books were provided to Blog of Dad free of charge for the August 2021 Children’s Book Roundup. For further information, please visit my disclosure statement.

Ninja Kid 8: Ninja Dogs – Anh Do

August 2021 Children's Book Roundup

The Ninja Kid series is endlessly entertaining and inherently readable. We sit down to read a chapter or two and before we know it we are at the end of the book. Ninja Dogs, book eight in this series, is no exception.

The animals in town have all disappeared. It is very strange indeed, but with the help of Grandma’s latest invention, Nelson and Kenny are on to it. By turning into dogs, they can sniff out trouble. Trouble is, being dogs has other effects too.

You can find Ninja Kid 8: Ninja Dogs here.

Hattie and Olaf – Frida Nilson and Stina Wirsen

Sometimes the blurb just says all you need to know. We were in from the moment we read it and we weren’t disappointed.

“Hattie wants a horse more than anything. Her friend Ellen has three ponies. When Hattie’s father finally comes come with a horse trailer, Hattie is ecstatic. But instead of a horse, out stomps Olaf – a donkey. Now Hattie not only has horse fever, she suddenly catches lying sickness as well.”

Hattie and Olaf is a quirky, captivating story that you simply won’t want to put down.

You can find Hattie and Olaf on the Walker website.

Cranky Chicken – Katherine Battersby

Chicken is cranky. Cranky eyes, cranky eyebrows, super sharp cranky beak and even cranky scratchy feet. That’s a lot of crank for one small bird. The sun is too bright, the dirt is too dirty. Is Cranky Chicken lonely? No, definitely not! But what happens when cranky chicken meets a very cheerful worm?

With extensive, funny illustrations and a story line that will be loved by fans of Mo Willems’ books, Cranky Chicken is a lot of fun. So get your character voices on and get reading together!

You can find Cranky Chicken on the Hachette website.

Michaela Mason’s Big List of Camp Worries – Alexa Moses

Michaela Matson is back and she is going on camp. The worries from this is going to need a whole new list of its own! Michaela is not well suited to camp. It involves a whole host of things she is scared of or thinks she is bad at. But trying to explain why she is scared of camp is impossible. She thinks people just don’t understand what its like to have a fizzy, jumpy ‘what if’ brain. 

Perfect to primary school kids that are prone to anxiety and overthinking. The world seems a little less overwhelming when you find you are not the only one.

You can find Michaela Mason’s Big List of Camp Worries here.

Let’s Get Ready for School – Jane Porter and Carolina Rabei

Let’s get ready for school is a comforting and heartening book for the little people taking a big step into the next stage of their lives  – starting school. It comprehensively addresses all of the practical stages of going to school, from getting ready, to what is likely to happen throughout a school day. It also directly and reassuringly addresses the thoughts and emotions that often come with this milestone such as excitement and nervousness and it is reassuring that many others will be feeling the same way, even the teachers!

You can find Let’s Get Ready for School on the Walker website.

Where Are You Magoo? – Briony Stewart

Where are you Magoo 2 - August 2021 Children's Book Roundup

“Magoo!” was excitedly exclaimed when we opened the package and saw the cheeky red dog face looking back at us. This lovable, energetic dog feels like part of the family and we were delighted to read this second story about our favourite dog. The rhyming text and expressive illustrations are loved by two-year-old Monty in particular. So, just where is Magoo? Check out what mischief this cheeky pup is up to now!

You can find Where Are You Magoo? on the Penguin website.

Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge – Mem Fox and Julie Vivas

August 2021 Children's Book Roundup

Books become classics for a reason and this one is no exception. Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge lives next door to an old people’s home. He knew all the people that live there, but his favourite person of all was Miss Nancy Alison. He called her ‘Miss Nancy’ and told her all his secrets. One day Wilfred Gordon heard his mother and father talking about Miss Nancy. She has lost her memory, they say. Wilfred Gordon wants to help Miss Nancy find a memory, but first he needs to know what a memory is. He heads out and asks everyone he knows. Each gives him a little snippet about what a memory is, and so Wilfred Gordon heads home to look for memories for Miss Nancy because she has lost her own. He makes a basket of his memories and takes them to Miss Nancy. What happens next is really quite magical indeed.

You can find Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge here.

Happy Hoppy Home – Tull Suwannakit

We live in a townhouse and so it is we empathised greatly as we read the story of Papa Hare and his small children that lived together in a very small and very crowded burrow! And so Papa Hare comes up with a brilliant plan. ‘We’re moving to a bigger burrow!’ he said. And so they pack up their belongs and start digging.

They dug up, down and sideways but everywhere they looked there was no room. (Hello endless strings of Saturdays house hunting on the Sydney property market! We hear you!) But finally they find a new house (This is where our stories deviate…).

Now there is room to practice ballet, more room to play, and rooms of their own, but as the hares settled into their new home, Papa and his children realised something. It’s a little lonely, and Baby Cottontale is too scared to sleep all by himself (and also their new home belonged to someone else) and so back to their old home they went, a little squashed in but very happy.

We are enjoying watching this talented young author continue to go from strength to strength with each new picture book!

You can find Happy Hoppy Home here.

Little One – Jane Godwin and Gabriel Evans

August 2021 Children's Book Roundup

It is always a thrill when a Jane Godwin book arrives on our doorstep! She has a wonderful way with words and Little One is yet another beautiful book to adore. Be prepared though, it is a bit of a tear-jerker. The theme of the story is loss, and it is experienced through the eyes of a little girl who misplaces her favourite doll, Little One, at the park.

The story is sad, but extremely powerful for little people who are trying to make sense of loss and sadness in their world. There is no false hope of a happy ending, but instead a very real expression of grief and coping. Jane Goodwin has a wonderful way of understanding children. The illustrations of Gabriel Evans are a perfect match for Goodwin’s words.

Little One is sad but beautiful, powerful and important. 

You can find Little One on the Affirm Press website.

Frankie and the Fossil – Jess McGreachin

We love dinosaurs in this house! Both the two year old and the five year old have a mild obsession, so anything dinosaur-related is eagerly enjoyed! Frankie and the Fossil is a delightful story about a little girl who knows everything there is to know about dinosaurs! Except… that fossils can follow you home from the museum… and they like cheese sandwiches… and that they like to play fetch and hide and seek.

If my two year old tries to feed a fossil the next time we go to a museum, I’m blaming this book!

You can find Frankie and the Fossil on the Penguin website.

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