Are PRISM+ Monitors Any Good?

If you have arrived here, it’s probably because you have seen the advertisements on your social media feeds over the past few weeks, offering monitors with impressive specs and pricing. That’s how I found out about PRISM+ – I’d never heard about them either.

It turns out there are pretty good reasons for that. PRISM+ as a brand are fairly new and on top of that they’ve only just entered the Australian market with their new .au website. That being said, they appear to have made a bit of a splash in a short amount of time. The PRISM+ website highlights over 200,000 gamers worldwide using their products and over 10,000 5-star reviews. Of course, product reviews on company websites are to be taken with a grain of salt, but there does appear to be a fair amount of genuine praise. In their home market of Singapore, PRISM+ appear to be very popular.

A big differentiator for PRISM+ is that they don’t use the same distribution channels as traditional brands. You won’t find them on the shelves at Scorptec or Mwave – PRISM+ sell and distribute their products from their own Australian website. This direct-to-consumer model is increasingly popular, especially as the global events of the past year have made most of us particularly comfortable with online shopping.

The result is that PRISM+ are able to sell their monitors at extremely competitive prices. By skipping the middleman, they can maintain profitable margins while providing consumers with big savings. Sounds good to me! Of course, big savings mean nothing if the product isn’t up to scratch.

So, back to that big question…  Are PRISM+ monitors any good?

As there is really only one way to find out, I reached out to PRISM+ Australia and asked them if they would send over their flagship PRISM+ XQ340 PRO 34″ UWQHD monitor to check out. I was impressed with the responsiveness of the PRISM+ team, and their enthusiasm for their product was on show when the monitor quickly turned up on my doorstep. My first impression is definitely that PRISM+ is a company that believe in their product. More on that in just a minute…

Disclosure: PRISM+ provided Blog of Dad with the PRISM+ XQ340 PRO for the purpose of review and ongoing use. Any thoughts expressed about PRISM+ products in this article are based on my own experiences. For more information, visit my disclosure statement.  

Prism+ XQ315 PRO

But first, lets take a quick look at the PRISM+ range. PRISM+ currently offer a small, but carefully targeted range of gaming monitors in Australia to suit different budgets, sizes and needs, including:


At the entry level sits the PRISM+ PG240, 24″ IPS display. With a blisteringly fast 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms grey to grey (GtG) response time, the PG240 is a very attractive offering for the eSports market. That GtG response time is particularly impressive from an IPS panel, which are the gold standard for colour, clarity and viewing angles. Adaptive Freesync is another excellent inclusion at this level, reducing distracting interruptions like screen tearing or stuttering. The other feature that I’m impressed with is the fully adjustable stand, which is a rare and valuable find at this price point. Height adjustment, screen rotation, swivel and tilt should enable users to easily find their perfect position!

The PRISM+ PG240 retails for a competitive AUD $369.00, but at the time of writing can be purchased for just $319.


The PRISM+ XQ270 PRO is the next size up (27″) and also delivers a step up in resolution to WQHD (2560 x 1440). At this size, the 1440p is the perfect resolution, producing wonderfully sharp text and images. The refresh rate drops slightly (compared to the PRISM+ PG240) to 144Hz, which is still extremely fast and a huge step up for those used to the standard 60-75Hz. The XQ270 also packs that important 1ms (MPRT) response time, which again makes it an excellent choice for competitive gaming and first person shooters. Like the PG240, Adaptive Freesync is on hand.

PRISM+ shift to a Samsung Vertical Alignment (VA) panel with Quantum Dot Technology. According to Samsung, “Quantum Dot-enhanced LCDs compare favourably with super-premium Organic LED displays (OLEDs), but usually at less cost, and with none of the technical issues and limitations that OLED introduces”. OLED-like picture quality at affordable prices? Sounds good to me! What this all means is that the PRISM+ XQ270 PRO can produce vivid, intense colours (140% of the sRGB colour gamut and 103% DCI-p3).

The other impressive feature of the PRISM+ XQ270 PRO is its 1500R curvature. This should both add to the immersive feeling of the monitor, and help to reduce eye fatigue.

The PRISM+ XQ270 PRO is sharply priced at a RRP of AUD $599.00, but is on sale (at the time of writing) for just $409.


If ultrafast refresh rates and substantial screen real-estate is your priority, then the PRISM+ X300 is well worth a look. It features a 30″ ultrawide (2560 x 1080) gaming VA panel with an incredible 200 Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time! A subtle 1800R curvature should help to further immerse gamers in the action and reduce fatigue.

As you would expect on an ultra-fast, gaming-focused monitor, Adaptive Sync is present to support Nvidia and AMD graphics cards for smooth action gaming.

The PRISM+ X300 is normally priced at an attractive AUD $479.00, but with $50 off ($429 at the time of writing), it is even more of a bargain.

Prism+ XQ315 PRO

The PRISM+ XQ315 PRO raises the screen real-estate bar yet again, this time to huge 31.5 inches at WQHD (2560 x 1440 resolution. Like the XQ270 PRO, this big brother uses Quantum Dot technology which should result in a very large, very vivid and immersive picture. A Refresh rate of 165Hz and a response time of 1m (MPRT) place the XQ315 in blazing fast territory! I’d be surprised if FPS pros weren’t drooling all over their keyboard at these specifications.

Using such a large screen is enhanced by the impressive 1500R curvature. The larger the screen, the more important this feature becomes for maintaining a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience. Two HDMI 2.0 ports and two DisplayPort 1.4 connections enhance the versatility of this monitor.

The PRISM+ XQ315 PRO is very well priced at AUD $699.00. A massive $200 discount ($499 at the time of writing) makes it hard to beat.


The PRISM+ XQ340 PRO 34″ UWQHD monitor is the flagship of the PRISM+ range and it is an absolute cracker! The UWQHD resolution is perfect for this size – with the same height as a traditional 27″ monitor, but a whole lot more width. As I mentioned earlier, PRISM+ didn’t hesitate to send this one over to me for review (read my full review here) and I can see why!

The PRISM+ XQ340 PRO 34″ monitor looks absolutely spectacular sitting on my desk. Even when it is off, the impressive wide screen, ultra-slim bezel and stunning curve draw my attention as I walk past. The UWQHD (3440 x 1440) resolution is extremely pleasing, with a clear and crisp result in text, pictures, movies and games.

That resolution is enhanced by the Quantum Dot technology, which makes the viewing experience on this VA panel more, vibrant, impressive and satisfying than anything I have ever used – IPS panels included.

A Quantum Dot test video from YouTube was genuinely breath-taking at 1440p, and really highlighted the vibrant colours, contrast, defined highlights and deep blacks on offer with this panel. The HDR400 rating provides a higher peak luminance than non-HDR panels, which works well with the Quantum Dot Technology to create an impressive experience full of defined, vibrant colours. It is exciting, and I look forward to consuming more content… for review purposes… of course…


In gaming, the PRISM+ XQ340 PRO is a real showstopper! My favourite racing games – Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motorsport 7 – fill the width of the screen, providing an extremely immersive experience. My PNY RTX 2070 SUPER GPU is just about the perfect match for the PRISM+ XQ340 PRO, delivering high frame rates with just a couple of minor tweaks to the graphics settings. 144Hz with a 1ms response time is something every gamer should experience. The result is phenomenal!

The PRISM+ XQ340 PRO retails for a competitive AUD $999. At the time of writing, an incredible $400 discount brings the price to just $599. From where I’m sitting (looking right at it), that is outstanding value!

PRISM+ General Impressions

Quality control on my review monitor is pleasingly high. In those 4,953,600 pixels on my screen, there isn’t a single dark or bright pixel. Like most premium monitor brands, PRISM+ offer a competitive pixel policy (2 bright, 3 dark, total 3). Brightness and saturation were a little over the top straight out of the box, but were easily adjusted to my liking through the easy-to-navigate settings. There are ICC profiles available on the PRISM+ website, which should help you to take full advantage of the picture quality on offer. Finally, the stand was easy to put together and is both robust and stylish. It looks brilliant on my desk, with no noticeable wobble during normal use. Adjustments are easy and the stand holds its position well.

Products that have most impressed me in the past have put great effort into getting the important things right, and ignored the bells and whistles that don’t really matter. I have pointed that out in reviews of products such as the MSI B550 TOMAHAWK motherboard and the D-Link DCS-8300LHV2 camera. PRISM+ appear to me to have adopted this same philosophy. Throughout their range I can see a thoughtfulness in their choices of inclusions, with an emphasis on the gaming experience at the centre of the design.

PRISM+ offer a 3 year warranty on their range of monitors, which is consistent with most other leading monitor brands in Australia. The full Terms and Conditions of PRISM+ warranties can be found here.

So… Are PRISM+ Monitors Any Good?

Yes, I’m certainly impressed! My initial experience with the PRISM+ XQ340 PRO has been extremely positive and I’m looking forward to diving deeper into the experience in my upcoming detailed review. For me, the most impressive factor is the consistently high refresh rates and excellent response times across the PRISM+ range, as well as the implementation of Quantum Dot technology. PRISM+ are not another budget brand looking to flood the market with cheap (and underwhelming) product – they actually seem passionate about delivering genuinely premium tech at reasonable prices!

The current aggressive pricing is obviously a strategy to get a foothold in the Australian market, and one that I’m sure a lot of gamers are eyeing off right now! Their direct-to-consumer approach will live and die by word of mouth, so it’s a fair bet that PRISM+ will be working hard to ensure their new customers enjoy a positive experience.

For those still on the fence and seeking added peace of mind, it is worth noting that PRISM+ are operating from an Australian website with an Australian ABN, making them subject to our excellent Australian Consumer Law (as highlighted on their own warranty page).

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