About Me

Hi there, thanks for spending some time reading my thoughts about parenting.


If you are on this page, chances are you are curious about who I am. A good place to start is my first post – Why?


A bit more about me…

I am a working dad. I have one amazing daughter who was born in 2016. I have a loving wife. Together the three of us make our wonderful family. One day that may grow, it may not – time will tell.


We live in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. If you are not from Australia, I hope you will still be able to get a something from my posts. From time to time I will probably talk about things that are uniquely Australian but, overall, I think you’ll find a certain degree of universality in what I say.


I have an interest in all things parenting. I view myself as an equal partner in the raising of our daughter. I plan to write about any aspect of fatherhood that I find interesting. I aim to provide a diary of sorts for my daughter to be able to read when she is older, so that she may know what it was like for her mother and me in the early years of her life. I also intend to share my thoughts on products that I have found particularly useful as a parent.


I go by the pseudonym James because I want to be able to write honestly and frankly, but at the same time I have an obligation to protect the privacy of my daughter. I have also given my wife and daughter pseudonyms – Emma and Hannah. If I ever refer to another person in my post, it is safe to assume that I have not used their real name either. You will notice that no identifying photos are posted on this website.

I hope you enjoy your time on this site!


James (Dad)

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