7 Kilometres – Half Way There

Guess who is running the City2Surf this year?


It’s Me… and about 80,000 other people.


But let’s not worry about all of them right now. Let’s just focus on me. I have decided to run the great race. And I mean run. No stopping, no walking for a bit – I intend to run the entire distance.

Do I Really Think I Can?


At least, not yet. After all, it wasn’t so long ago that I struggled to run two kilometres. But fortunately there is time on my side. The City2Surf is still over 100 days away. A lot can be achieved in 100 days, especially when there is a clear goal in mind.

I have already achieved so much with my fitness in a reasonably short period of time. I have progressed from two kilometres to five kilometres and I can run that in relative comfort. The more I run, the fitter I become and those seemingly insurmountable distances become achievable.

Can I run the City2Surf… in 100 days from now I can.


7 Kilometres – Half Way There

Before I agreed to get involved with the City2Surf, I had to prove to myself that I had it in me. I had to see if I was capable of pushing outside of my comfort zone, so I set myself the challenge of running half of the City2Surf distance – seven kilometres.

I headed down to my new favourite running spot – The Cronulla esplanade. Even in the pre-dawn darkness (see title photo) there were plenty of people about.

The advantage of running somewhere like the esplanade is that it is dotted with drinking fountains. That helped me to overcome one of my biggest challenges last time I tried to push for distance – hydration.

I completed the seven kilometres. In fact, due to a small calculation error on my part, I ran 7.5 km. I was slow, but it felt good!


City2Surf training 7 kilometres
I used the Fitbit Blaze to record my run


The progress that have made to date has given me the confidence that I can achieve the goal of running the City2Surf.

Do I still have a long way left to go? Yes.

Will it require a lot of hard work and discipline? Absolutely.

Can I do it? You bet I can!


Disclosure Statement – Blog of Dad has partnered with the City2Surf, to show how everyday parents can improve their fitness and achieve great things. Registrations for the 2018 City2Surf are open now. Why not challenge yourself?

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