2020 Easter Book Roundup

Easter is upon us! We have some topical literature to get the kiddies ready… and then later on, perhaps even to read while settling down from a Easter egg-induced sugar high! Enjoy the 2020 Easter Book roundup!


Disclosure – these books were provided to Blog of Dad free of charge for the 2020 Easter Book Roundup. For further information, please visit my disclosure statement.



Australians All Love Easter Eggs – Colin Buchanan and Sarah Hardy


There are Easter Eggs galore at Easter time. Except at Bunyip Creek. With rivers, roads and ragged ranges to cross, it is simply too hard and too far for the Easter Bunny to deliver. When word gets around town that there are no Easter Eggs for the Bunyip Creek folk, the animals pull together for an Easter-time surprise for their remote friends. Through mud and dust and Mulga trees journey the Aussie animals with the Easter Bunny, arriving with the rising Eater Sun on Easter Sunday.

Heart-warming and beautifully illustrated, so Australian is this story that I had the tune of Advance Australia Fair in my head as I read along. It is an adorable story about mateship and community. Parents in particular may pick up the underlying message about the hardships and challenges unique to living in the remote parts of our generally prosperous country. Food for thought.

You can find Australians All Love Easter Eggs here.



I’m Ready for Easter – Jedda Robaard

Im ready for Easter

This is another in the ‘I’m Ready for…’ series by Jedda Robaard. We recently used I’m Ready for Preschool to help prepare Hannah for that transition. Although her feelings about Easter are much closer to pure excitement (rather than excitement laced with apprehension), she is a forward-planning and details kind of kid, so she seems to enjoy I’m Ready for Easter too. She likes the focus on all the special activities associated with Easter – hot cross buns, Easter bonnet parades, Easter egg hunts – so we are bound to be bought to account if we forego any of those!

The illustrations are cute and cheerful, and feature Australian animals. Hannah immediately recognised the characters from her other ‘I’m Ready for…’ books and seems to have quite a fondness for them.

You can find I’m Ready for Easter on the Penguin website.



Peppa Pig: Peppa the Easter Bunny

Peppa the Easter Bunny

Peppa and George are having a surprise Easter egg hunt in the garden for their friends. When all their friends arrive, Peppa and George have and extra surprise for them all. What is inside the two giant eggs?

You can find Peppa the Easter Bunny on the Penguin website.



Beautiful Eggs: a journey through decorative traditions from around the world – Alice Lindstrom


The boldly colourful illustrations in Beautiful Eggs are simply stunning. Beautiful Eggs steps through Easter egg decorating traditions from around the world with a short description of the key features of each and a lone with information of which region the tradition is from and how it is pronounced. The book includes a stencil for tracing an outline of your own egg, as well as plenty of inspiration for designs to produce.

You can find Beautiful Eggs on the Scribe website.



I Wanted a Giant Chocolate Egg but all I Got Was this Stupid Book – Merv Lamington, Illustrated by Makoto Koji

I-Wanted-a-Giant-Chocolate-Egg-but-All-I-Got-Was-This-Stupid-Book-Merv-Lamington - 2020 Easter Book

With cartoon-style illustrations, this book tells the story of a boy, disappointed that he received a book at Easter rather than the giant chocolate egg he wanted. As he searches for the Easter bunny so that he can give him a piece of his mind, he comes across kids that have received wonderful chocolate treats… but a few that have met with pitfalls from their Easter chocolate haul. Charlie’s dog is sick from eating some chocolate. Violet’s teeth are stuck together with the chewy caramel from her Easter egg. Augustus is sick after eating his giant chocolate egg. Meanwhile, while searching for the bunny to tell him why for, the boy discovers the book has a handy map and some awesome Easter jokes. When he finally finds the Easter bunny he speaks his mind… Maybe this Easter book caper isn’t so bad after all.

If you have tried (without much success) to limit your child’s chocolate intake this Easter, perhaps this book is worth tactically placing somewhere around the house.

You can find I Wanted a Giant Chocolate Egg but all I Got Was this Stupid Book on the Affirm Press website.



Bluey: Easter Fun!

Bluey Easter Fun - 2020 Easter Book

This Bluey Easter craft book is a hit with Hannah (and every other Bluey-loving preschooler). It is perfect for the Easter holidays, with activities to get them outside (and playing by themselves!) as well as indoor activities: colouring, join-the-dots, but also some that may require some parental help like mask and Easter basket making, as well as some baking. A word to the wise: check the other side of the page before starting any cutting activities, since they have activities on the reverse side of the page too.

You can find Bluey: Easter Fun! on the Penguin website.

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