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Memories Made

There’s something truly thrilling about seeing your child doing something for the first time. Especially when it’s something that you have felt they wanted to do for quite a while. It’s on those days when memories are made. On Sunday we made some memories that will sit fondly in my mind for many years to come – Hannah had her […]

The Train Lives

The Train Lives!

Regular readers may remember the devastating events of a few days ago, where a large amount of water was accidentally used to drown one of Hannah’s favourite toys – her battery-powered train. At the time, it appeared as if the train was well-and-truly ruined. The circuits shorted, controls rendered useless by the unfortunate spillage.   At the time, I proclaimed […]

Dream Machines Exhibition, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery

My Sunday Photo – Dream Machines at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery

My Sunday Photo for this week was taken at the Dream Machines exhibition, at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery It was a fairly gloomy-looking Saturday, so we went in search of indoors fun. A quick trip into the Sutherland Shire brought us to the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery. The exhibition that we had come to see was called Dream Machines. It had sparked my interest […]

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