WÜSTHOF EPICURE Santoku – Meet the Best

Regular readers of Blog of Dad know that I like to spend time in the kitchen. For me, cooking is a pleasurable experience (unlike washing up, which is… not pleasurable). One of the things that makes the kitchen an enjoyable place to be is the right tools. Investment in a few key, extremely high quality, appliances and utensils makes all the difference – it’s money well spent.

Today I have the pleasure of introducing one of the best knives that money can buy. It is by far and away the most beautiful knife that I have ever held in my hands, and I’m used to preparing food with excellent knives. The Knife that I’m referring to is the brand new, WÜSTHOF EPICURE Santoku knife.

The EPICURE range is WÜSTHOF’s latest premium range of knives. They are designed for those who demand absolute quality and enjoyment from their knives. The EPICURE Santoku knife certainly delivers.



The Origins of Santoku

A Santoku blade has been high on my wish list for quite some time. It is a Japanese, general purpose knife. The name Santoku roughly translates to “three virtues”, or “three uses” – those three uses being slicing, dicing and mincing.

As I am a big fan of Japanese cuisine, a Santoku blade was an obvious choice for my collection. I have always been fascinated by how fine and precise the food preparation is in a Japanese kitchen, and the quality of the knife is the key.



A renowned German knife manufacturer may not be the obvious choice for fulfilling my dreams of owning a Japanese knife, but after using the EPICURE Santoku I’m convinced that it is an incredible choice. In this day and age it is the people who can take the best bits from around the word and use those techniques to craft new equipment that truly shine. The WÜSTHOF EPICURE Santoku is a classic case of East meets West – Japanese design and German construction – tradition and innovation –  the absolute best of both worlds!

The result? In my opinion, perfection.




My First Impressions

The WÜSTHOF EPICURE Santoku is an absolute pleasure to hold in my hand. It’s stunning blade is balanced by an equally beautiful handle that is designed to be ergonomic and minimalist. The combination of natural fibres and resin creates a warm and natural feel. It is incredibly comfortable to hold and use, even for extended periods.

The weight of the knife is significant, but in no way cumbersome or overbearing. In fact, the superb balance of blade and handle perfectly positions the focal point at the bolster of the knife. Slicing, dicing and mincing with this knife is easy work!

The blade is a thing of beauty! It is crafted from a single piece of high-alloy steel in a style that has taken the traditional shape of a Japanese Santoku and combined it with the familiar curve of a western blade. The result is a super-sharp, easy to use knife. The blade is sharpened to 15 degrees – it’s incredibly sharp.

While I greatly admire craftsmen who expertly forge knives in a traditional manner that has been passed down through generations, I also greatly admire technological advances that enable legendary German companies to precision-grind steel with laser-guided accuracy! The WÜSTHOF EPICURE Santoku is a triumph of modern manufacturing, backed by WÜSTHOF’s superb quality guarantees and customer service.

The bevelled indentations are something I have long coveted in a knife. They create tiny air pockets between the knife and the food, which reduces friction and sticking. This means that chopping is faster and easier with the WÜSTHOF EPICURE Santoku.




Want one?

The WÜSTHOF EPICURE Santoku is now a key part of my kitchen collection. It is my go-to knife for general purpose food preparation, and it is a pleasure to use! It is now available for purchase from Everten Online. Go on, treat yourself! Everyone deserves to have a knife like this in their kitchen!


Disclosure – WÜSTHOF provided Blog of Dad with the WÜSTHOF EPICURE Santoku free of charge, for the purpose of review. The views expressed in this post are entirely my own views, based on my experiences with the WÜSTHOF EPICURE Santoku. For further information, please visit my disclosure statement.

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