World’s Worst Food blogger – Lamb Roast

I have a thing for a good lamb roast. It’s hereditary, my family have same attitude towards a lamb roast as the U.S military have towards their soldiers – none shall be left behind.

I have been cooking lamb for a long time, and I like to think I’m pretty good at it. My arsenal of techniques has developed over time and I am quite comfortable cooking everything from a beautifully pink-in-the-middle quick roast, to an epic 9-hour, falling off the bone affair.

Time constraints can sometimes be the key factor in how I choose to cook the lamb. They certainly were last week when I knocked up this tasty meal. I had wanted to go for my current favourite, the low and slow cooking technique, but my local supermarket had completely run out of roasting joints. I had no option but to pick some up at another supermarket, much later in the day. Because if this I settled on a hybrid of 2 and a half hours on 100 degrees Celsius, and 1 hour on 200.

The end result was surprising good. Beautifully browned outer crust with tender, dark red/brown meat on the inside.

Flavour Country

I opted for a Mediterranean-style flavouring of fresh oregano, rosemary garlic and lemon. I am lucky enough to have access to a plentiful supply of the herbs, so I was able to give the lamb a liberal coating. You can never have too much of that stuff, as far as I’m concerned.

I cooked the lamb on top of a bed of vegetables, onion and cloves of garlic. They all soaked up the lamb flavour and made a delicious side dish to the main event.

I added potatoes an pumpkin to the oven at the same time as I turned up the temperature, then left them in to finish cooking while I rested the lamb at the end. A tzatziki-style sauce provided the finishing touch to a thoroughly enjoyable meal.

lamb roast
I know it’s blurry and that I cast a shadow over the plate. Be thankful I stopped for long enough to take the pic.

I actually took some quick photos of this one before I ate, because I had to brag to my Twitter friends. Not that I’m petty or anything…

A good lamb roast is dead-easy to make and at tasty as food comes. Why not give it a go some time?

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