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The Birds

A few days ago I wrote about my trip to the beach to capture the perfect sunrise. While things didn’t go exactly as planned, I was fortunate enough to walk away with some pretty decent shots. One thing that I didn’t include in that post was the chance encounter with some birds.

Since I started taking photographs as a hobby a few years ago, I’ve been fascinated by birds. Whenever I have the chance, I try to take some shots with my 55-300 mm lens at the fastest speeds that the light will allow. I love freezing the motion of birds that way. They have the most interesting movement and expression.

The Birds

As I walked back to my car following the sunrise photoshoot, I stumbled upon the most amazing scene. A woman was feeding a large flock of birds seed from a substantial bucket. The flock mainly consisted of Corellas, but there were also a few game pigeons and one or two other species (click on the photos for full view).



I had the rising sun behind me and it provided the perfect light for photographing these interesting creatures at high speed. I crouched down low and fired away. The sheer number of birds and the speed at which they moved made it very difficult to pick a subject in each shot, so I took a stack of photos and hoped for the best.

In amongst the chaos, there were a couple of things that caught my eye. The first was these two feisty fellows, who had a small tussle in amongst the flock. I’m not sure what it was about, and from the photo it almost looks as if they were just playing around.


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The second point of interest was this lone parrot. I have no idea what he/she is, so if you happen to know, please leave it in the comments below. This bird stood out because it was the only of its type in sight.


Twin Mummy and Daddy

8 thoughts on “The Birds

  1. I love photography. I am a total novice and do not have any fancy gear bit love to try and take a good and unusual pic. We have wild green parakeet’s in London they were released in victorian times anx thrived around Kew gardens.

    1. My gear is all entry-level dslr. I picked up some of it very cheaply at a second-hand store. Does the job for me. One day I’ll upgrade…

  2. The first shot is excellent, having the lady you spoke of in the shot with the birds gives it context. Terrible way to plug but I reckon you might be interested in the weekly Photo Challenge I started this week, head over to the blog take a look. Looking forward to seeing more of your photography!
    Anthony – Dada & Monkey recently posted…#DMPhotoChallenge | My FirstMy Profile

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