The Best of Xbox Game Pass for PC – February 2021

Is there any better way to unwind in the evening than by settling into some quality gaming? For a few nights each week, once the kids are in bed, the kitchen is cleaned and the rubbish is out, it is me time. And the best bit? Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass for PC ensures that I am never bored of the games I have. So what has captured my attention this month? Check out my choices for the best of Xbox Game Pass for PC – February 2021!


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The Yakuza Remastered Collection

I was a massive fan of Sega’s Shenmue, back in the glory days of the Sega Dreamcast. The expansive storyline and open world style was unlike anything I had ever played and I still rank it as one of the all-time best games that I have played. The Yakuza series seems to be cut from the same cloth, which is not entirely surprising given it is also made by Sega.

There are many differences between the two, both in storyline and the combat mechanics, but Yakuza definitely sparks some fond memories… of that day…

The movement is a little clunky on a keyboard and mouse – better to use a controller if you have one. And be prepared to watch or read the game as much as you play the game.



Control first came to my attention when PNY sent me their amazing RTX 2070 SUPER GPU for review. I was eager to find out what games supported ray tracing and see what all the fuss was about. At the time, I didn’t end up getting my hands on Control. However, I have still been eager to check it out as it is has often been used to highlight the impressive lighting that can be achieved through ray tracing.

Supernatural games are not necessarily my thing, although I did enjoy scaring myself while playing Resident Evil 7 a few months ago. Control, however, has an intriguing storyline and the ray tracing certainly brings the wow factor! Just be warned, the graphics demand is so great that my RTX 2070 SUPER can’t cope with everything cranked.


Forza Horizon 4

Yes, I know I mention it every month. But seriously, it needs to be said! Forza Horizon 4 is the best game on Xbox Game Pass for PC. Without a doubt. It’s been scientifically proven… (I assume).

I may be a little addicted and quite biased, but I cannot stop raving about this game. There are some things that cause me immense frustration (like certain aspects of online multiplayer), but they pale in comparison to the sheer thrill of the races and challenges on offer. Best of all, after a long day at work or with the kids, there is no detailed storyline to follow. Just pick a car, tune it to your liking and go dominate (…or crash into a tree and end up 15 seconds behind the rest of the pack…). So good!


Halo: The Master Chief Collection

If you are a fan of Halo, you get it. If you are not… You don’t and won’t. If you have never played Halo before, what are you doing? Grab an introductory subscription to Xbox Game Pass for PC and go check it out! You have absolutely nothing to lose (other than a dollar, some HDD space temporarily and a bit of bandwidth while you download 140.61GB of first-person shooter action!).

Halo is my favourite 1st person shooter for many reasons, but it is when I am teaming up with old friends from across the globe that I am most happy. The thought that in 2021 I can join up with old high school buddies to become easy cannon fodder for teens who weren’t even born when the original Halo was first released is quite something!


Cities: Skylines

One of the great things about Xbox Game Pass for PC is that it contains a huge catalogue of games, from some of the latest and greatest to the classics, and everything in between. I was a massive Sim City fan back in the day, but it has been a long time between builds.

While trawling through the Xbox Game Pass catalogue, I stumbled upon Cities: Skylines. It may have been first published six years ago, but I’d never played it, so it was new to me! As soon as Cities: Skylines loaded I was hooked. It has a very familiar city builder feel, but with plenty of new ideas to differentiate it from the competitor.


Test Setup

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