Ten Little Fingers…

And so he arrived.


My experience of the birth of our second child was best described as surreal. Of course I knew he was coming, yet somehow I just couldn’t wrap my head around it the same way I had when Hannah was born.

I think the reason for this was that our whole lives were consumed by the idea of things changing forever the first time around. We had antenatal classes to attend, reading to do, whole rooms worth of furniture and clothing and… stuff… to procure… we couldn’t help but feel the gravity of the situation. This time, life didn’t stop in the same way. Of course, Emma still had to deal with the hardship of pregnancy, so she sure as hell felt it. But for me, it all felt a bit not-quite-real.


And then he arrived.

And my whole world changed.



It was so different this time, but the magic, indescribable feeling of a tiny, completely-dependant human suddenly existing was as overwhelming as it was the first time. Seeing my little man safely land in his mother’s arms, waiting for that first gasp of air, followed by a strong and wonderfully reassuring cry – I’ll never forget it. 

I’ll never forget the work of all the brilliant women in that room who made sure my tiny little boy entered the world in the best way possible. Our obstetrician, the midwife and of course Emma, were all an incredible team, while I was just there as a helpless observer. It will do my boy a world of good to know they he owes his safe passage into this world to incredible women.

The two health professionals not only ensured that my tiny, fragile child entered the world safely, but they also took utmost care of Emma. They worked hard and used their great skill to ensure the best outcome for two of the most important people in my life. I couldn’t thank them enough.

So now we are four. Actually, we are so much more than just four, because we are wrapped in the love and support of our incredible families. But in this little house we are four human beings and we are just beginning to figure out what that means. I look forward to the joy, learning, laughter and happiness that will fill this house.

Even if I know it will be a lot of bloody hard work.

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