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Brisbane With a Baby – Part 3, top 5…

Brisbane was an amazing city to visit and I feel like we just scratched the surface during our four-day visit. As we had a child under one and no car, we chose to focus on activities around the centre of town. We found that, with an apartment strategically located in the Brisbane CBD, near the river, we could easily walk to all of the places and activities that we wanted to. Perhaps on our next visit we will venture into the suburbs.

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The Beach

In our house the first signs of summer mean one thing – beach time!


With the temperature hovering around 30 degrees (Celsius) we decided it was as good a time as any to introduce Hannah to one of our fine local beaches.


It was mid-afternoon when we arrived. There was a buzz in the air and it became obvious that many other people were taking advantage of the warmer weather. Hannah seemed to tune in to the buzz. She became excited from the moment I removed her from her car seat. As I carried her through the park, she looked around in wide-eyed amazement. She loudly exclaimed with ga’s and da’s as she took in the scene.

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