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Winter-ready with Gro

It is safe to say that summer is finally over. The long, hot days have been replaced by chilly mornings and freezing winds. The beach days and summer fun already a distant memory.

Yes, winter is well and truly on its way. And with winter comes the need to keep the little ones warm and rugged up, for a safe and comfortable night’s sleep.

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The Bedtime Routine – 2 Years Old

Sleep is a wonderful thing! Both Emma and I value it highly and we have been determined to get it right with Hannah from the very beginning. It hasn’t always been easy and I’ll freely acknowledge that we’ve had a whole lot of luck, but what we have now is a stress-free nightly routine that Hannah happily follows (most of the time). Read on to find out about our bedtime routine. Some of these ideas may work for you.
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I Have A Confession To Make… (how my baby…

I have a confession to make. It’s a secret I’ve kept quiet for too long.

It’s something I stay silent about when talking to other parents, for fear of judgement, isolation, possibly even retribution. But I can’t hold it any longer. After just over a year of parenting, I’ve finally found the courage to tell everyone…


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