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Road to Ruin

I enjoy running.

This is a relatively new development, but I would hesitate calling it a fad. I have certainly stuck with it longer than any other exercise regime I have ever attempted. I enjoy it because it makes me feel good, because I’m reasonably good at it, and because it is easy to get into – no expensive gym membership required.
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Three kilometre run Fitbit Blaze Blog

The Fast Three

Recently I decided to mix things up a little bit with my running. The constant five kilometre run, three days a week, had become a little stale and that had led to the feeling of plateau. After some thought, I decided to run the usual five kilometre route on Mondays, an extended route each Saturday morning, and a Fast Three every Thursday morning.

When Thursday came round, I was ready to go. No more slow and steady, this was now all about speed. I set off and I set off fast…

Not too fast, mind you. If there is one thing I have learnt from my past exercise mistakes, it is that over-exuberance is the killer of goals. Instead, I aimed for a pace that pushed me harder than usual, but not enough to destroy me before the first kilometre was even completed.

The run felt good. I knew I didn’t have as far as usual to go, so I concentrated on maintaining my faster pace. I also knew that if I had anything left in the tank by the time I reached my final kilometre, I would use it all to see just how fast I could now run.

Sure enough, as I reached the gentle downward slope that signals the beginning of my last kilometre, I felt like I still had something to give. I pushed harder until I was satisfied that I was going to finish completely spent. It was tough going for the final few hundred metres and as soon as I had passed the three kilometre mark, I pulled back to a walk. I was exhausted, but satisfied.

After I had gathered my breath, I looked at the times on my Fitbit Blaze. The results were pleasing. They showed just how far I have come in the short time since I began running seriously. As for that final kilometre, it was tantalisingly close to four minutes. Maybe, just maybe, I have a new goal for my Thursday runs…

Three kilometre run Fitbit Blaze

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Plateaus and Potholes

I have written a few times about my personal fitness journey that started towards the end of last year. The catalyst of a kidney stone was more than enough of a wake-up call for me to make some key changes and improve my health.

I was initially surprised by just how unfit I had become. However, once I took the leap and began excessing regularly, I was pleased by the speed with which I made some fairly significant fitness gains. I found that setting small goals helped to keep me motivated and to push me that little bit further.

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Dad Fitness - Blog of Dad Blog

Big Progress Through Small Goals

I recently wrote about the little changes that I am making to improve my health, following an unfortunate incident with a kidney stone. As painful as the experience was, it was a great wake-up call – a motivator to live a healthier life.

One of my biggest focusses has been exercise. While this is not directly related to the cause of the kidney stone (hello junk food!), I know that a sedentary lifestyle was beginning to impact other aspects of my health. The kidney stone made me realise that avoidable, self-inflicted health problems are painful, a little embarrassing and not at all worth whatever it was that I had sacrificed my health for in the first place.

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