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My Sunday Photo – Dirt

My Sunday Photo for this week is titled Dirt

After years of neglect, we had finally decided to fix up our tiny back yard. With Hannah now an energetic toddler, it was necessary to create an inviting outdoor space for her to be able to play in over summer. Key to that was the laying of new grass. With new grass comes dirt…

Unfortunately, our yard is completely enclosed. The only way to access it is through the house. Normally that doesn’t bother me at all, but this weekend it became a little bit of a problem – how do you keep the inside clean when you have to transport a cubic metre of soil and many rolls of turf through it?

The answer is simple. You don’t.


Dirt on tiles


I tried to protect the floor as best I could with some plastic drop sheets. They did a decent job of catching the worst of it. But ultimately the idea of protecting the floor from all of the dirt that was carried through the house was futile and from early on in the operation I resigned myself to a substantial clean up at the end.


Dirt on plastic


The turf-laying operation was a great success. The yard looks like a million dollars! Once the new grass has had time to establish, it is going to be a toddler oasis for Hannah to enjoy and a great place for Emma and me to relax.

The clean up was not so bad. A couple of hours on my hands and knees with a cloth and bucket. I mopped it twice just to be sure all the dirt was gone. I’ve never been so happy to have tiled floors!


Dirt on floor


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Ten Things I’ve Learnt Today – Knuckles

For today’s post, I thought I would pass on a few words of wisdom. I learnt these ten knuckles-related facts the hard way, so that you don’t have to…


  1. Knuckles graze easily when scraped on concrete stairs.
  2. Grazed knuckles bleed. A lot.
  3. Bleeding knuckles should be tended to immediately, not left to deal with after the cleaning is done.
  4. Eventually, blood from a grazed knuckle will find its way onto the white wall.
  5. Blood should be cleaned off white walls immediately. Under no circumstances should it be left to dry a little bit while you go to find a camera because you think it will make a good photo for a blog post.
  6. Photos of knuckle-blood stained walls don’t make for good blog post photos.
  7. Babies WILL wake up from naps and immediately demand to be attended to at the exact moment that you are trying to remove dried-on blood from a wall. You really should have done something about the still-bleeding knuckle earlier.
  8. Band-Aids don’t stay stuck when placed on knuckles.
  9. I may never finish sweeping the stairs.
  10. Sweeping stairs is a crap job.
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If I point to the kitchen, I might get cake, baby feeding self. Obsolete, dad Blog

The Day I Became Obsolete

Sooner or later everything becomes obsolete.


I have fond memories of playing my Sega Megadrive in the 90s. Michael Jackson moonwalked his way across the 30cm screen, Sonic the Hedgehog ran at unfathomably fast speeds and life was good. Nothing could ever top it, or so I thought. And I laughed, oh how I laughed, at my friend with the so outdated Nintendo Entertainment System. You poor bastard, if only you’d waited a few years, you too could have owned the pinnacle of gaming.

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How to Feed a Baby Solids

The transition from breast or bottle to solids is a magical time. It is a time for discovery, imagination and re-assessing your own ideas of what constitutes cleanliness in your house.


If you are just about to take the first steps down this wild path, you’ve come to the right place. As a parent who has been studying this process for the past three months, I know everything there is to know about starting a baby on solids. So take out a pen and scribble some notes into your parenting notebook. (You do have a parenting notebook, don’t you?)

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