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Sugar Baby

Hannah doesn’t eat a lot of sugar.

One thing Emma and I have consciously tried to do for Hannah is give her a healthy diet. Our philosophy around junk food is that Hannah doesn’t know what she is missing. On top of that, we believe that if she develops healthy eating habits early on then it will have lasting benefits as she gets older.

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Vegetable Lasagne Blog

World’s Worst Food Blogger Guest Post – Emma’s modern…

Blog of Dad is over a year old. I’m pretty happy with that, but what I am more astounded by is that every word on this website has been written by me (except for perhaps a few quotes). It is time that changed, it’s time I introduced you to some new talent.
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WÜSTHOF cleaver Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Australian Dads, 2017 Blog

The World’s Worst Food Blogger – You Don’t Know…

I once had a wise teacher who liked to say, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

He of course said it to try and convince know-it-all teenagers that he had something worthwhile to teach them. His point, I now realise, did not just apply to Year 9 English – it is entirely appropriate for all facets of life. The fact is, if you have no experience of something, you just don’t know what you are missing.
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Horse on a stick Travelling to Japan With a Toddler

…Did I Just Eat Horse?

Japan is a country of culinary delight. Some of them are famous (sushi, for example), while others are wonderful surprises that fill your mouth with unexpected joy (takoyaki springs to mind).

Some surprises are good, but hard for the naïve Western brain to comprehend. Other surprises were… not good. Not good at all. As someone who has now spent the better part of a month sampling the delicacies of this fine country, I can now present to you my list of the Top 5 things I wasn’t expecting to eat in Japan, but did anyway.
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