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Tanita RD-953 InnerScan DUAL Body Composition Monitor

First Impressions

The world of fitness is fairly new to me. It wasn’t until last year that a few home truths about my lifestyle choices opened my eyes to the need to take my health a little more seriously. Imagine my surprise when I learnt just how much amazing technology there is out there to really help me get back into some kind of shape!

One of the most surprising pieces of equipment that I have recently discovered is Tanita’s Body Composition Monitors. I was amazed when I found out just how much data I can gain about my body, just by standing on something that essentially looks like a set of bathroom scales.

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Plateaus and Potholes

I have written a few times about my personal fitness journey that started towards the end of last year. The catalyst of a kidney stone was more than enough of a wake-up call for me to make some key changes and improve my health.

I was initially surprised by just how unfit I had become. However, once I took the leap and began excessing regularly, I was pleased by the speed with which I made some fairly significant fitness gains. I found that setting small goals helped to keep me motivated and to push me that little bit further.

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