The Last Peach March Picture Book Roundup Blog

March Picture Book Roundup

March has been a brilliant month for new picture books. Some of our favourite authors have produced absolute gems that we have thoroughly enjoyed reading together over the past few weeks. Emma Middleton and Briony Stewart are back with a brilliant follow up to their first collaboration, while all-time favourites Alison Lester and Jane Godwin have come together to produce a stunning picture book for a worthy cause. We were also thrilled by our introduction to Gus Gordon – he is definitely on our radar as a fun and unique children’s author now. Welcome to the March Picture Book Roundup!

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Go Go and The Silver Shoes February Picture Book Blog

February Picture Book Roundup

February is done and dusted, so it is time to reflect on the great picture books we have enjoyed throughout the month. Welcome to the February Picture Book roundup!

February wasn’t a massive month for new releases in the picture book world, but fear not – what we have missed out in quantity, we have certainly made up for with quality. The following three books are definitely worth a closer look next time you are in the local book store.
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Start Little, Learn Big Blog

Start Little, Learn Big

It is just a matter of days until Hannah starts at day care. It’s hard to believe, and a little lump forms in my throat every time I think of the tiny little baby I first held in my arms almost two years ago, and the progress she has made. Hannah is now a fun-loving, confident and inquisitive little girl.

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