My Sunday Photo – Wetlands of Sydney Park

My Sunday Photo for this week is of the water feature in the wetlands of Sydney Park.

Hannah and I have started to make it habit to find a new, most excellent park in Sydney each week. Last week was the wonderful Carss Bush Park, with it’s fantastic playground and bayside setting. This week, the park that we discovered was Sydney Park.

Deep within the heart of this expansive park is the wetlands of Sydney Park. They form a wonderful oasis, so close to the Sydney CBD. Find the right spot and the stresses of modern life wash away.

My Sunday Photo - Sydney Park, wetlands of Sydney Park

Hannah and I had this spot all to ourselves as we ate our grapes. I immediately felt a great sense of calmness. The sound of this spectacular water feature removed and hint of the busy world around us. Every now and then, water birds casually swam past as they too searched for a morning snack. Some people leisurely wondered past on their morning walk, but no-one stopped to share the peaceful space with us.

I chose this particular photo as My Sunday Photo because I liked the effect of the slightly longer exposure on the water. I didn’t have my tripod with me, so I had to brace myself on the handrail in order to keep the camera steady. The exposure was 1/8 sec, which is usually far too slow for me to get a decent shot hand-held, but I seemed to have gotten lucky with this one.

The seagull appeared at just the right time. He hovered over the water feature, wings a blur of movement but the rest of him just still enough.

You can read all of my thoughts about the wetlands of Sydney Park, and see some more photos here. Besides the wetlands, there was plenty of other spaces to enjoy, especially for those with children.


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