Beach, Sydney, winter

My Sunday Photo – Sydney Winter

My Sunday Photo for this week is a snapshot of a perfect Winter’s day in Sydney

We woke up this morning and decided to take full advantage of a perfect day. We headed to an excellent playground next to one of Sydney’s best beaches. Hannah had a play on the equipment, then we sat on the beach to have some lunch. There were plenty of surfers in the water, enjoying some fantastic conditions. A few seagulls came over to say ‘hello’ (although I think they were more interested in whatever Hannah dropped).


beach, Sydney, winter



24 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Sydney Winter

    1. There is something about the beach on a beautiful winter’s day. The surfers loved it, I’ve never seen so many of them out at the same time.

  1. Winter on Sydney beach… look like summer 😉 We have summer here, but my day was full of clouds and rain 🙁 Can’t wait for better weather. Very pretty photo.

  2. It’s a nice thing to be able to surf doing one’s winter,. is it chilly? Not that that would stop most surfers. Great photo, it looks like some pretty chill seagulls.

  3. Oh my…just look at that blue sky and the light. A great photo.
    I would adore having winter days like that James. We are currently smack bag in the middle of our summer and it’s drizzling with a temperature of only 11 degrees!!!
    Thanks for sharing and reminding me once again…why on earth I returned to Scotland! :/

  4. Wow, that beach is beautiful! What was the weather like? Seems empty…Maybe people around you are just used to that view but I think I’d be out there every sunny day! Lucky!

    1. It was a little cold. Plenty of surfers in the water though. We do take it a bit for granted, but come Summer it will be full of life!

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