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My Sunday Photo – Sunrise and Birds

My Sunday Photo for this week is a series of my three favourite photos from my recent excursion to the beach.

For the full story and all of the sunrise photos, you can click here (go on, it’s worth it!). The full series of bird photos is coming soon.

As I explain in the full post, things don’t always go to plan. I had ventured to the beach with a very specific sunrise photo in mind. Unfortunately, a range of factors conspired to make sure that wouldn’t happen. But maybe that was for the best. What I ended up with was three very different experiences and sets of photos.

The first photo is a stitched panorama of a pier that has fallen into disrepair. It is slowly being swallowed by the beach that has slowly grown around it (when I was a child, I visited this spot and the beach was just a thin strip of sand). The colours of the sunrise were muted by the thick cloud, but I didn’t mind as I feel that the dark clouds add to the atmosphere.

Dolls Point Pier, sunrise

The second photo is looking over Botany Bay, towards the industrial area of Port Botany. At this point the sun burst through the clouds. The light changed completely and bathed the whole bay in a gold. I normally dislike the nuclear explosion effect of shooting directly into the rising sun, but in this case I was quite pleased with the results. The heavy cloud and silhouetted features of the bay created an interesting picture.

Port Botany Sunrise, My Sunday Photo

My final photo is of the birds that I stumbled upon on my way back to the car. It’s a story for another post (coming soon, but this my favourite photo.

 brids, playing, corella, sunrise, corellas

Remember to check out the rest of my sunrise photos here, if you are interested, and check back soon for the story of the birds!


14 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Sunrise and Birds

  1. Naha! Going out with plans to take one photo and coming back with a totally different one? That’s my speciality! That said, I love the top pic. The sky just looks awesome. Great images.

    1. Thanks John. I find it helpful to have a basic idea in mind, but I’m also well aware that 95% of the time I don’t pull it off. I love the unexpected when photographing!

  2. Your photos are absolutely amazing. I’m going off to follow your links now as I can’t wait to see more. I love the panorama of the pier – isn’t it amazing what nature can do? And that picture of the birds – stunning! #MySundayPhoto

    1. The birds were amazing! Such a large flock of corellas (all there for the free food). I could have stayed and watched for hours!

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