My Sunday Photo – The Shadow of the Swing

My Sunday Photo for this weeks is of a shadow

I have had a busy few weeks, so much so that I didn’t even get around to posting a My Sunday Photo last week. I also haven’t processed any of my photos from this week yet, so I’m cheating a bit and using one of last week’s photos from our park visit – The Shadow of the Swing.

shadow of swing Gough Whitlam Park Swings, baby, swinging, shadow

I love this photo because the shadow perfectly sums up what parks are all about for Hannah at the moment. As far as she’s concerned, if it doesn’t have a swing, it’s not a park worth visiting.

I also like this photo because I don’t post identifying photos of Hannah. A shot like this that captures her in the middle of her favourite activity, while still being completely anonymous, is a rare treat! One I’m very happy to share with you all.

This photo was taken on our recent visit to Gough Whitlam Park, you can read the full review here.

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